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Pick up the crowbar of research scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself on an alien-infested Earth being picked to the bone, its resources depleted, its populace dwindling. Freeman is thrust into the unenviable role of rescuing the world from the wrong he unleashed back at Black Mesa. And a lot of people, people he cares about, are counting on him.

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  • BigLez BigLez

    Looking at the Leaked Half-Life 2 Beta makes me sad on how much was Removed from the Final Product (all those cool and unique Weapons and Enemies), in the Final Version we got a Boring Arsenal and Generic Enemy Roster.

    Don't get me Wrong, Half-Life 2 is a Good Game and was Revolutionary for the Time/Year/Century it came out, but it gets boring for people like me after playing through it and its Episodes more than twice unlike Half-Life 1 and its Expansion Packs.

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    • Blue199 Blue199

      *I'm gonna do something stupid and disagree*

      I'm sorry, but I'm really tired of Half-Life 2 fans comparing Beta (alongside the early concepts) and Retail. I mean, they are relatively equally good, all they differ in is the atmosphere (darker =/= better), while the story is pretty much the same (actually more detailed in retail, obviously, yet still not that great, if you ask me), but the Beta gets waaay too much appreciation among the fans, in my opinion.
      Hell, just look at the ammount of Beta recreation mods around here on ModDB. (For God's sake, why can't modders just make one good, *complete* recreation, instead of 30 incomplete ones?)
      That aside, I think Valve knows better than us what works best in their games and for their own developing abilities (not saying that Half-Life 2 wouldn't make use of some improvements, though).
      As for gameplay and replayability of the Beta, we can't be sure about it, since we never got it. Takig for granted that Beta is better than Retail got very popular over the years, but it seems like the real reason for that is because people always desire what they can't have, I guess.

      Again, sorry for the outbreak, but that's the effect of years of seeing people comment on how they "wish Valve kept the Beta stuff, yada yada yada" which really pulled me away from liking or enjoying Beta content in the first place :/

      • Thanoshld Thanoshld

        I don't find retail HL2 (and its episodes) boring. I still play them from time to time and I believe HL2 is a game that aged well.

        That said, I think that it is for the best that Valve decided to change the beta game so much. The dark, horror atmosphere wouldn't really fit in the Half-Life universe so well. It would feel kind of off, especially comparing to the first one. And I am pretty sure that fans would complain that "this is not HL, this is a generic horror game, bah. Look of how bright, colorful and cool the other version is, just like the original".

        The only thing that saddens me is that they have cut out a lot of interesting enemies, NPCs and locations from the final game. And the fact that they thought releasing the "sequel" as episodes was a good idea. Not to mention that they never released OF2, BS2 and/or Decay2.

        I would really love to see someone releasing a full mod, representing the beta, for once, though. The fact that we haven't seen one yet seems to emit from the difficulties posed by working with a new game engine (bigger teams, more time). If beta HL2 was to be released for GoldSRC, we would have seen a dozen of full recreations by now. I still find it bizarre why all these teams don't work together though.

        Xen levels of Black Mesa is the only thing I am looking forward to at this point that is HL related. I gave up on the premise of a new Valve title a long time ago.

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  • BigLez BigLez

    Can anyone Please Link me to some Tutorials on Animating View Models for GoldSrc/Source?

    I wanna make Weapon Replacements for both Games/Engines.

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  • Kasumi Krystal Kasumi Krystal

    So. Days go and pass by, and I have to wonder about one question...
    Did anyone notice the Citadel in the Header is from the late Beta stage ?

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  • generalltu generalltu

    Hello everyone, as a new member to this community and Half-Life 2 mod section, I have a question. :)

    - What mods are still alive (being played, updated), upcoming, worth time playing(story side and/or multiplayer wise) ? :)

    I've downloaded few mods:

    -Alchemilla (seems interesting horror game)
    -NEOTOKYO (seems only late night there is players)
    -Resistance and Liberation Open Beta 1.6 ( have not found any players atm)
    -WWI Source 1.13b ( same as RaL situation)
    -Estranded: act 1.

    Thanks for your time and attention, but please help me to save some time on looking through all mods :)

    • xX[Warrior250]Xx xX[Warrior250]Xx

      Underhell is worth the try, story wise and gameplay length. It also has some plot twists too that can make you think that things are not what they seem.

      It wasn't updated recently but the Chapter 1 still kicks arse as it is. Despite that however, I personally enjoyed the mod and coded some features in it using the console.

    • GamerDude933 GamerDude933

      there are alot of mods for half-life 2 but i'll tell you the mods that i personally enjoyed :
      Black Mesa [A Full Remake Of Half-life 1 it has multi-player and single-player Xen Is Coming Soon]
      Smod [An Amazing Mod Adds Over 54 -25 weapons not so sure it has multi-player,single player it has new enemies and gore mod and so dang well detailed alot of things are in it it took so long to code it ]
      Half-life 2 Cinematic Mod [It Remakes Half-life 2 like black mesa but not so great sometimes the maps look overgrown,etc and there are dumb graffiti,naked girl pics but i removed that and it's available to download in the addons section it's single player only]
      Hope I Helped.

    • generalltu generalltu

      Both RaL Open beta and WWI source is dead, no players plays multiplayer

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