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Black Mesa is Live, Download it Here!


The long-awaited Half-Life mod is now available on Game Front!

Black Mesa – Mod Walkthrough


Return to Black Mesa with James.

Black Mesa vs. Half-Life Source Comparison Video


Take off the nostalgia goggles and be amazed.

Black Mesa Half-Life Remake Is Coming Tomorrow


This is no simple port.

RUMOR: Team Fortress 2 Will Add Robotic Faction



Early Footage From Black Mesa: Source Leaked



Valve Moderators: Half-Life 3 Concept Art ‘Legit’



Silent Protagonists: Why Games Like Skyrim Would Be Better without Them


Is it time we move beyond silent protagonists, or is silence golden?

Get Spooked With New Half-Life Mod “Cry of Fear”


Are you afraid of the dark?

Dreamcast Version Of Half-Life Ported To PC


Let’s have a moment of silence to mourn our beloved Dreamcast. WE WILL REMEMBER THE TIME!

The Best Half-Life Fan Films


We took some time to locate 5 of the best hand-crafted FUBU (for us, by us) fan films from the Half-Life Community

10,000-Strong Steam Group Wants Half-Life 3 Update from Valve

half life 2 thumb

When are people going to realize that Valve is not a democracy and therefore doesn’t care about your digital protest.

Step Back Into The Origins of Half-Life (Fan Film)

half-life origins

It’s a pretty good one, and it’s not too long.

Gordon Freeman Is Returning In… Renegade Ops?!?!


No, it’s not a new Half-Life episode. But it allows you to pretend Valve is going to make Half-Life 3. Someday.

For Labor Day: The 5 Hardest Working Video Game Characters


We break down a who’s who of gaming characters who really deserve a holiday in their honor.

GameFront Network Mod Update — June 29


Check out these popular mods from the GameFront community.

Half-Life Mod — Earth’s Special Forces


It’s Dragon Ball Z. In Half-Life. Who’d have thunk it?

PC Games Have “Bad Grapgics” And Other Amusingly Untrue Faults


This has to be a joke, but it’s funny either way.

Paper Half-Life (VIDEO)

paper gman

This is sorta what it sounds like: Half-Life as portrayed by poorly drawn animation rendered on notebook paper.

Newell: PCs ‘Center of Innovation’ because of MMOs, Social Gaming

gabe newell thumb

The Half-Life creator says PCs are still where it’s at, because of MMOs, social gaming and microtransactions.

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Half-Life at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC, Playstation 2, Xbox
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Valve
  • Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
  • ESRB Ratings: Mature
  • Release Date: Nov 19, 1998