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Halo 4

343 Relaunching Halo Games as Halo: Master Chief Collection

halo master chief collection thumb

In the run-up to the launch of Halo 5, 343 Industries and Microsoft are re-releasing all of Master Chief’s previous…

The History of Halo – In Pictures (Gallery)


The Halo series has been with us since November, 2001. Halo: Combat Evolved, for its time, was an amazing looking…

Top 10 Best Easter Eggs of All Time

there are no easter eggs up here thumb

There are lots of great Easter Eggs hidden in games, but some transcend the rest with their depth, mystery, and hilarity. Mitchell runs down his very favorites of all-time.

Microsoft Will Share Halo 5 Details at this Year’s E3 in June


We had Master Chief penciled in to make an appearance at E3 2014, and now Microsoft has confirmed it will…

Restructured 343 Industries Reveals First Halo 5 Artwork


Microsoft has shuffled the deck of its all-important Halo studio, welcoming a new creative director while swapping roles for a…

Carving A Kick-Ass Gaming Jack-O-Lantern


More work than you’d expect!

15 Pictures of Way-Too-Good Video Game Pumpkins


Yesterday I was at Phil Hornshaw’s house, and I saw one of the pumpkins he had carved over the weekend….

Microsoft Wants To Stream Console Games To PCs And Phones


Microsoft is actively developing a cloud-based game streaming service. During a recent internal company meeting, sources tell The Verge that…

Halo “Reclaimer Trilogy” No Longer a Trilogy, Now a Saga


Why stop at six?

Halo ‘Bootcamp’ Outed by Korean Rating Board, MS Confirms


What’s this?

Xbox One Releasing “Later This Year”


Q4 2013, alongside the PS4.

If Boy/Girl Scouts Gave out Merit Badges for Gaming


They’d look like this.

Halo 4: Majestic Achievements


Pigs can fly in Halo 4′s Majestic DLC.

Halo 4: Majestic Multiplayer Guide


Join Majestic Squard for another tour of duty.

Xbox Founder Predicts Massive Failure for Microsoft


Due to interface bloat and terrible indie support.

Bungie Unveiling Destiny Soon; In Development for Years


GDC at the latest.

‘The Next Microsoft’ Designer Now Designing Next-Gen Xbox Brand


The designer behind “The Next Microsoft” branding that went viral last year is now working at Microsoft.

Bungie Gives A Recovering Boy Some Love


Bungie gives a little boy some love while he’s recovering at the hospital.

Halo 4, 007 Legends, & NOT The Walking Dead Up for Best Writing


Sounds legit.

Microsoft Warns That The Hardware Business Is “Really Tough”


Are the claws coming out now that Valve is hitting the scene?

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Halo 4 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Xbox 360
  • Developer: 343 Industries
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • ESRB Ratings: Teen
  • Release Date: December 2012