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Halo: Reach

How To Use The Forge In Halo: Reach


Our step by step guide to the Forge 2.0. Win Friends, influence people and kill them all here.

Dreamworks Eying Halo Movie


No deals yet, but perhaps Halo: The Movie isn’t as dead as we thought.

Bungie Punishes Halo: Reach Cheaters By Resetting Credits To Zero


Players who exploited a glitch in Halo: Reach’s multiplayer recieved the kind of punishment normally reserved for Mafia Dons.

Halo: Reach October Title Update Coming


Bungie has detailed what you can expect to see in the soon-to-be-released October Update.

Large Numbers and Halo: Reach (Example: 5,901 years)


Inside you’ll find fun facts about Halo: Reach playage, courtesy of Bungie.

Halo: Reach Multiplayer Tips

reach multi 3

Five games into Halo and still getting pummeled on Xbox Live? Check out a few multiplayer tricks that will help you keep alive a little longer.

Microsoft to Increase Frequency of Halo Releases


Microsoft VP Phil Spencer said that they may release new Halo games more often than they have in the past.

15 Bad Master Chief Cosplayers (PICS)


I’m mostly just disappointed that more fat people don’t dress up as the ole MC. Come on, people.

Hot Halo: Reach Cosplay (PIC)


We present you with an attractive lady wearing Spartan gear.

Halo: Reach Limited Edition GIVEAWAY – Comment Contest


Drop your best Halo: Reach multiplayer tip in the comments section of this page, and you could win. Simple as that.

Halo: Reach Unlockable Armor


Your one-stop guide to all the unlockable armor and accessories in Halo: Reach. It’s like a department store for genetically modified futuristic super-soldiers!

Halo: Reach Earns $200 Million in Day One Sales


That’s the best Halo launch, but it doesn’t really come close to Modern Warfare 2′s record.

Halo: Reach Avatar Awards


Find out how to unlock all of the Halo: Reach Avatar awards.

Halo: Reach Creative Director Video Interview


Halo series Creative Director Marcus Lehto gives us a live demo of all the new weapons in the game, and explains why it’s the “best” Halo game ever.

Halo: Reach Creative Director Marcus Lehto Answers Your Questions


Check out this video featuring Hal: Reach Creative Director Marcus Lehto answering your questions!

Halo: Reach Datapads


All the locations, all the datapads — check out the list!

Bungie Building New Engine for Their New Franchise


They’re going the manly, DIY route on this new project.

Halo: Reach Review


Is it the epic send-off Halo fans have been waiting for? Read our full review to find out.

Halo: Reach Live-Action Short ‘Deliver Hope’ Extended Version


This is the special two minute and 15 second extended cut of the “Deliver Hope” live-action short. You can download…

Halo: Reach Hands-On Preview


We’ve beaten the entire Halo: Reach single-player campaign. We’re only allowed to talk about 2 missions. Here’s a big preview of those two missions.

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Halo: Reach at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Xbox 360
  • Developer: Bungie
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • ESRB Ratings: Mature
  • Release Date: September 14, 2010