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Halo: Combat Evolved

8 Less Ambitious Game Boxes (LIST)

less ambitious thumb

We photoshopped a bunch of our favorite “Less Ambitious Games” titles into almost-real things.

Check Out This 8-Bit Halo Demake

8 bit halo thumb

You can download and play it for free on your PC.

Gifts for Gamers – Random Stuff Gamers Will Love

belt buckle

Not every gift for gamers needs to be a game. The GameFront staff round up our favorite random non-game gifts for gamers.

Rumor Mill Says an HD Remake of Halo and Halo 4 are Coming


Why anyone would want a remake of Halo is unknown.

The Difference Between FPS Design Methods: 1993 and Now


Everything you’ve bitched about modern shooters is encompassed in this graphic.

34 Cortana Cosplayers (HOT AND NOT-HOT PICS)


Enjoy this. But don’t enjoy it too much.

NYCC: New Halo Trilogies, Film Could Roll Out Starting in 2012

reach multi 1

It’s not confirmed, but Halo’s media promotion company might have just revealed the future.

Dreamworks Eying Halo Movie


No deals yet, but perhaps Halo: The Movie isn’t as dead as we thought.

15 Bad Master Chief Cosplayers (PICS)


I’m mostly just disappointed that more fat people don’t dress up as the ole MC. Come on, people.

Halo: The Cole Protocol Launches

Tor Books has announced that the next Halo novel, sub-titled The Cole Protocol, has officially launched today. The new book…

Microsoft Will "Explore Not Exploit" the Halo Franchise

People who worry that in five years we’ll be facing the impending launches of Halo Tennis 4 Master Chief Racing…

Bungie Reveals Next Halo Novel With "The Cole Protocol"

Bungie has now revealed the sixth book that will take place in the Halo universe with Halo: The Cole Protocol….

Up Close With WETA’s Warthog from Halo

Awhile back, WETA created a real-life working Warthog modeled after the ones found in Halo. Well it looks like the…

Master Chief Conquers the World, Lite Brite Style

Apparently, people who go online to play Halo 3 today are noticing something strange about the little world map showing…

Bungie Weekly Update 10-05-07

No doubt, many of you have probably read the official statement regarding Bungie and Microsoft parting ways (at least creatively)….

Halo Uprising Sells Out (Marvel)

The Marvel comic ‘Halo Uprising’ #1 has now completely sold out. Don’t worry too much if you still want to…

Halo 3 Goes Offline With Upcoming Toys

Bungie recently unveiled some prototypes for toys based on Halo 3 that will be coming out soon at the San…

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