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Hard Reset

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Hard Reset is an action-packed, single-player shooter. Set in a beautifully realized cyberpunk city, it emphasizes over-the-top destruction and gives you a large variety of weapons to dispatch hordes of enemies. Featuring a cyberpunk plot that drawis inspiration from William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and Philip K. Dick, especially Blade Runner and Screamers. The world as we know it ceased to exist. Humanity is at the verge of extinction, living in the last closed city of Bezoar. Mankind wages war against the machines controlling vast areas of what became the 'Barrens'. Machines want to control and assimilate 'The Sanctuary' a network that holds billions of digitalized human minds. Our hero, Maj. Fletcher, is a soldier of CLN - a corporation combat unit, established to protect the city. Machines are constantly assaulting the walls of Bezoar. Fletcher moves in when Bezoar's protective barrier is breached.

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  • Ixnari Ixnari

    This is from Flying Wild Hog's website:

    "Hard Reset: Exile DLC is a free expansion for Hard Reset. It was first released in April 2012 as a part of boxed Hard Reset re-release called Hard Reset: Extended Edition. The expansion is available for all owners of Hard Reset for free since May 2012."

    This is a lie, plain and simple. Many Desura users are owners of Hard Reset and I don't see the Exile DLC being available anywhere else other than Steam.

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  • Caine123 Caine123

    how can i download the doundtrack etc.? i click on Purchased and the files but nothing happens?!

  • Kwama57 Kwama57

    Very generic shooter, pretty graphics, effects end impressive physic engine but meh.. Lacking Deluxe on Desura too.

  • Azrael360 Azrael360

    I bought this from Steam a year ago, and it is an excellent "old-school" FPS. Too bad Desura users can't play and enjoy the Exile DLC, which is by the way, a real expansion, free, and a "must-have".

    It can't be that hard to bring it here, right?

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  • Max321 Max321

    I bought Hard Reset extended edition for 5 euro on Steam :)

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  • Player_Review Player_Review

    i am disappoint in the developer's lack of love (extended edition) and response/lack thereof for the Desura community. I guess they don't need the help that we can offer through free marketing and word of mouth. I am glad to own this game, but feel disenfranchised. The bundles that include this game are starting to feel like a money grab.

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  • Sh_o0_ter[RU] Sh_o0_ter[RU]

    When I watched the video it motivated me to create my game. Amazing graphic!

  • yone yone

    Mmm interesting, I´m sure my PC would break down with this beauty!

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