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Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour

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Victory at all costs. It’s time to take command and lead your nation through World War II, the largest conflict in world history. Hearts of Iron III lets you take charge on any front, as any country, and through a variety of scenarios. Guide your nation to glory in the most detailed game based on World War II ever made.

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  • rauzy rauzy

    hi, I play with small nations, type Luxemburg, Albania etc..., I wanted as get the units of nations conquested?

  • chinaglory chinaglory

    But it cannot describe truly what happened in China during the war. In the game, there isnot Xi'an Incident, Chiang Keiz-shek always surrenders after several mounths from Marco Polo Bridge Incident. The CPC evev will not join the war! Mao Zedong and his the eighth route army and the fourth route army cannot do anything. The units of KMT are too less to fight against Japanese. A Chinese mod, Historical Memory, describes these truly. I hope these problems can be sloved in HOI4. Thanks.

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  • Santtu0000 Santtu0000

    Yay finland.

  • markae markae

    This looks to me to be a very detailed extension to the original game. My interest is in the Far East, in particular Japan, but also China. However, it seems to me to be almost impossible to progress as Japan past the Marco Polo bridge incident. There are simply too many Chinese units from all allied nations, with defensive and indeed offensive capabilities that seem to me unlikely. Or the Japanese units simply are not strong enough for some reason. I played building the Japanese army on the basis of cheat codes to a phenomenal strength and even then it was not strong enough to beat the Chinese past Beiping. Playing as Nationalist China is equally as unrewarding, being easily beaten by far superior Japanese and allied forces (the Manchurian forces do very little when playing as Japan). So I think there is an Ai issue to be resolved in these cases.

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    • Fauerholm Fauerholm

      Have to agree on this, only way I ever saw Japan win was putting their AI up a notch.
      I even tried to supply them with 500IC and a hefty group of light and mountain infantry, but even with a substantial Expeditionary force from germany, not to mention complete blockade of china and constant terror bombing the progress was negligible. :/

      • Samsid Samsid

        Seriously? I know this is old, but I have almost never witnessed a case where the Japanese are defeateed, even without my own help.

  • louby33 louby33

    will this be compatible with TFH 4.02