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Heroes of Might and Magic III

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Heroes of Might and Magic III is a turn-based strategic war game, set up in a classical role-playing game Environment. It involves capturing and developing towns, gathering resources, assembling armies and sending them into combat. Each town has a theme and can only raise the type of creatures appropriate to that theme. The resources (gold, wood, ore, gems, crystal, mercury, and sulfur) can be found mostly in mines and are gathered once a day. They are used to build new buildings in your towns, to improve existing buildings, to buy armies, etc. Each army is led by a hero and consists of up to seven stacks of creatures raised in towns or recruited in countryside. The armies are sent into tactical combat, which can occur either in countryside or in towns. If the attacker captures the town, the winner can recruit the creatures raised in that town afterwards.

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Come at 5pm tomorrow to the #UbiGamescom #UbisoftLounge to meet the team behind of Might & Magic Heroes VII!

Aug 18 2016

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the patch 1.2 for #MMH7!

Oct 14 2015

The journey is almost over. #MMH7 will release on Tuesday, September 29th 2015, at 2pm CEST!

Sep 25 2015

Join us for two new stream sessions before #MMH7 release! More info on

Sep 22 2015

Discover today the Tales of the Netherlord: Sandro! #MMH7

Sep 18 2015

Dive into a #MMH7 journey and let us guide you through its massive content!

Sep 17 2015

Solmyr is back in #MMH7 through a dedicated scenario map available in Collector’s Edition!

Sep 15 2015

Discover #MMH7 Lost Tales

Sep 11 2015

Discover an exclusive interview with the creator of the franchise: Jon Van Caneghem! #MMH7

Sep 10 2015

Discover today the 2nd part of the Griffin Dynasty tale. #MMH7

Sep 9 2015

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  • #5Guest Guest

    A new HoMM 3 expansion Horn of the Abyss has been released! A new pirate town, campaign, a lot of bugfixes, and more. Everything looks totally professional.

    Official forum thread:

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    • Orzie Orzie

      Да создайте же вы страничку :)

      5 +
  • #5Guest Guest


  • Aarack Aarack

    I own all Homm titles except the last installment ( 6 ). My all time favorites are Homm 2, 3 and 5. I have the greatest memmories with Homm 2 and the 4 maps Beltway, Broken Alliance, Seven Lakes and Full House. I liked the camapaigns a lot in Homm 3 and 5 well 5 i like because it is 5. Anyway i do not care for graphix cause all of them are greate 2D and 3D.

    Nice that i found this remake of the map beltway. Now to find Broken allaince (Seven Lakes i have it) - Full House working on a remake :D

    2 +
    • Orzie Orzie

      Any success with the maps? They could come in handy very much in terms of The Succession Wars Mod for HMMIII, which is currently featured on ModDB.

      2 +
  • FIN7 FIN7

    this game is classic my childhood favourite game

    2 +
  • Mckiller2 Mckiller2

    This game was released when there were no kids to scream for fancy graphics and arcade shooters. This game was all we needed back then. Oh, the memories <3

    8 +
  • SoniMax SoniMax

    This is not YouTube but, thumbs up if you think that "Heroes III" is the best of the "Heroes" series !

    18 +
    • chaz625 chaz625

      Sorry man, I have to give it to Heroes 5. Great graphics meets great gameplay. The only flaw in that game is the waiting time between turns.

      Heroes III is amazing, don't get me wrong. But it gets boring after a while since the graphics and gameplay are repetitive.

      0 +
  • The_Mugsy The_Mugsy

    Wait a minute. There are a few mods in development for this game, right? i remember seeing one that was a total conversion being worked on by a russian speaking team, but i can't find it anymore.

    4 +
    • qpac qpac

      I know only the "Wake of Gods" mod, but I don't really know of that is still going.

      4 +
      • Mastermagic Mastermagic

        Welp, they are going pretty nice, version .59 is in development. There'll be a brand new castle, new creatures and twise more blackjack and hookers than in previous versions.
        There are also Phoenix mod (DEAD) and Horn of Abyss (AWESOME).

        6 +
      • SoniMax SoniMax

        They all will be awesome but they're being developed for a long long time i started to loose patience like everybody else

        2 +