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Heroes of Might & Magic V: Tribes of the East

This stand-alone title continues the storylines found in HoMMV and chronicles the final chapter in the epic struggle that began with the interrupted wedding of Queen Isabel. Players will follow the steps of the Necrolord Arantir as he uncovers the prophecy of the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and exposes the Demon Sovereign’s conspiracy. Gamers will now be able to play as the Orc faction and recruit heroes, build armies and manage cities as they explore and conquer legendary lands. Use tactics, skills and magic to outsmart fantasy armies while developing your heroes and unveiling the dark plot that threatens to tear the world of Ashan apart.

Heroes of Might & Magic V: Tribes of the East at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: STRATEGY
  • Developer: Nival Interactive
  • Publisher: Ubisoft