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Mar 29 2017

In 30 minutes, join @UbiJimothy for our "State of the Realm" update on Might & Magic SHOWDOWN! Watch here:…

Jan 26 2017

RT @samuelsteele: So I wrote an article about @MightMagicGame for @beastsofwar, check it out! It's got a video and everything!…

Jan 20 2017

Curious about Might & Magic Showdown gameplay? @Zagnaphein is streaming now! Take a peek here:

Jan 19 2017

RT @davidtherio: πŸ”₯Only an hour left before the @MightMagicGame reveal! πŸ”₯#MMHype

Jan 19 2017

Tune in to tomorrow at 1pm Eastern for a look at something very different for the Might & M…

Jan 18 2017

Come at 5pm tomorrow to the #UbiGamescom #UbisoftLounge to meet the team behind of Might & Magic Heroes VII!

Aug 18 2016

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  • divinenandi divinenandi

    Can someone please make a mod to re-enable original 3D town screens instead of patched drawings?

  • luiscarlosapeu luiscarlosapeu

    What was missing for such were the heroes available on the battlefield!

  • luiscarlosapeu luiscarlosapeu

    Lack and heroes on the battlefields leaves the game without much realism and dynamic

  • #0Guest Guest

    Hello to all i'm interest to ask is it possible to make spell which make playable azkaal in all scenarios ?

  • MagicMarlin MagicMarlin

    Hello I Plan to make a Big Homm6 Map Projekt fΓΌr SP and MP, but i need good Map Editor!
    Here the Link:

  • FIN7 FIN7

    i love this fantasy game i hope somebody would mods i want azure dragon from heroes 3 creature or crystal dragon

    • brydar brydar

      I liked the dragons also but hey black dragons are returning on may 2nd it an expansion pack

    • Enpremi Enpremi

      It's impossible to import or export models. They use .gobj files and there is no importer/exporter for these types of files. The only think we can do, is change textures, maps and sounds.

      • FIN7 FIN7

        It is shame Heroes Might And Magic 3 is still my favourite

  • RequiemLux RequiemLux

    artworks and ss are amazing and trailer is awesome, just can't wait for the release