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Betrayed by those he once trusted and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself caught in the center of a dark conspiracy and propelled through a corrupt and twisted world.

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More player-curated Contracts land this week! @Mungadungalis is our Featured Curator & fun is never too far behind… T.co

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Giving away a yacht for free? Well kind of... Download the first location of @HITMAN for free now!… T.co

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This time last year, we hit the milestone of releasing our 10th Elusive Target! ET 10 was also the third successive… T.co

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Watch out Pennywise......! @ITMovieOfficial #ITMovie T.co

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#ThrowbackThursday to this iconic scene in Hitman Blood Money where Diana revives 47. T.co

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Happy Birthday Diana Burnwood! T.co

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Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman comic is coming this October, find out more Ioi.dk T.co

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NOW AVAILABLE IN @HITMAN: New Featured Contracts New Challenge Pack More info here: Ioi.dk T.co

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New content arrives tomorrow! Become a Plumber's Apprentice, complete new challenges, earn location mastery & unloc… T.co

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It's 47's birthday! Surprise! Oh, wait.... T.co

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  • TheUnbeholden TheUnbeholden

    Just seen the trailer for another Agent 47 movie.. sigh. What we want is a stealthy, stylish movie about assassination, ie Hitman: Reloaded (which was a pretty good movie, even if you pretend that hes agent 47) except with a back story of the Hitman games perhaps a insidious network of authorities occasionally getting close to catching him, and have him use everything at his disposal to escape, not kill everything in sight. If anyone has watched the Golgo 13 anime series it would mainly be focusing on the characters that will be the targets of Agent 47, and how everyone is affected by his actions. Then when the action comes it would be about taking out his targets in inventive ways, against all odds remain unscathed and defeat his enemies not with sheer firepower/reflexes but because he outwitted them. It doesn't have to focus 100% on agent 47's background and it doesn't have to be gunfights throughout the whole thing, when a gunfight does come (they would be few) it should be fast and well shot. No slow mo and don't have explosions within the vicinity of agent 47, its supposed to be used to lure people away from entrypoints to the target or to mask himself amongst a crowd of people when they run through his escape route in the commotion. Maybe a few scenes on what intel agent 47 has got to work with, a little recon, a bit of conversations with 'the agency' and satisfying final executions to nail it home.

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    • TheUnbeholden TheUnbeholden

      Fact is it can be done VERY WELL, the Golgo 13 anime tv series made the logical, fearless assassin who specializes in stealth & a few well shot action scenes (Golgo 13 mainly used a sniper rifle but he got inventive alot too) easily fit long run times mainly because of the focus on other characters, authorities struggling to figure out whats happening, corruption & seediness of the villains (even their collusion with gov authorities), the various relatively innocent people surrounding them and how they are affected by the villain's and Golgo 13's actions. It showed us that you don't need a assassin with the personality of James Bond to make for a great series or movie. The only thing stopping us from getting a good agent 47 movie is shortsightedness.

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  • TheUnbeholden TheUnbeholden

    I think the main problem of the game can be easily explained in this article, and highlights the broader issue that games have been getting as of late. Nygamecritics.com

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  • ♠Atroxyph ♠Atroxyph

    So, no mods?

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  • eryksky eryksky

    for those that didn't like the disguise detection, here's a link that shows how to "correct" it to be more realistic
    now the people will only notice you when you're really close

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