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What Makes Homeworld Unique? Real-time strategy is one of the most exciting and entertaining genres of gaming. These titles bring together the thrill of watching troops charge into battle on your order and the intensity of managing the conflict from high above the battlefield with the precision of a chess grandmaster. Now, for the first time, comes a game that brings heart-stopping 3D warfare to the vastness of space. Homeworld is the next evolution of real-time strategy games, delivering a fresh experience in a totally 3D universe. Homeworld gives players a new level of freedom to create new styles of gameplay while simultaneously delivering cinematic quality graphics, stunning special effects, brilliantly rendered ships and an innovative interface.

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  • blazinhazen blazinhazen

    Good evening!

    I am not good at making mods. I have to admit I have wasted 4 nights after work trying to extract a .big file... I just am not good at these things.

    I would like to commission a modder to make a mod for me.
    I merely want the Kushan mothership to be able to move during single player campaign mode in Homeworld 1 Classic.
    Nothing more.

    I know it's part of the story and so forth, but spare me your speeches. I'm an old guy that played the original when it first released and I absolutely loved it when it came out.
    But the bloody ship couldn't move.
    Such a beautiful ship, could not even move.
    It broke my heart, and I know I'm not the only one.

    To me, that was like the Enterpise D not having an impulse drive. How ridiculous

    Now, I paid a modder "spoonfrog", bless their heart, $30 to make this very same mod for the HW1 Remastered version and it works perfectly but he doesn't seem to know much about editing the classic version.
    The mod he made is amazing.

    However I would love to see one made for the Classic version.
    I know the Remastered technically has better graphics, but there's something about the original that had a more... Anime feel? I don't know how to explain it but I just love the old graphics. Those were different times.

    Anyways, If one of you jolly good modders out there could help me out and build this mod for me, and post it over at the Steam workshop (Not before I reward you of course) well then you get a nice $30 Paypal reward coming your way.

    Cheers, and thank you!

    • blazinhazen blazinhazen

      I have some questions about modding Homeworld: Cataclysm.
      If anybody could help me edit it so the energy weapons don't look like hundreds of photon torpedoes filling the screen, maybe make them look like plasma bolts or like bullets still, that would be amazing.

      I absolutely love Cataclysm but once you upgrade the guns to energy cannons, it looks so ridiculous. Like a late season episode of Deep Space 9.

      Not that I dislike DS9, I just really dislike the energy weapons effect. They cut that one out of HW2 and for good reason...


  • Gibbon Gibbon

    Hi, trying to find GBX tools on Steam with no joy, maybe it's called something else. Anyone know where i can find this please?

  • #0Guest Guest

    What a classic game!
    i wish someone or some team would create a mod that is similar to the dawn of war, but it is on the void war... ship to ship battles at space...

    but still the home world is one of the BEST RTS game i ever played... :)

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    Sign in to the Homeworld 3 petition:

    Please spread it, so we get a convincing amount of people so THQ will order Relic to work on a HW3

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  • schallmau3r schallmau3r

    after reading the article on kotaku i reinstalled HW1. Is there any Hi Res Mod at all? I found several Mods to play it on widescreen but i would love a hi res mod =)

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  • bigd524 bigd524

    Anybody know where i can find a graphics enhancement?

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  • Blackout012 Blackout012

    i need help with modding the game
    can anyone help me?

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  • wcpato wcpato

    the game works on windows 7...if you put it in compatibility mode (windows nt service pack 5) it will work on opengl but if you don't want to use the compatibility mode you can just use software renderer...if you don't use compatibility mode it won't work on opengl or direct3D

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  • randomdancing randomdancing

    is there a way to get this game to work on windows 7

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