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I Am Alive

I Am Alive Hits Steam Today

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Despite their many fears of piracy, it seems Ubisoft is willing to chance making no money on PC with another PC version.

Attn: I Am Alive Out For PC Tomorrow


And it probably won’t be fun.

Ubisoft Bringing I Am Alive To PC Despite Previously Ruling It Out


They haven’t fixed the game’s problems though.

I Am Alive Review

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Weak combat, a drab presentation and a weak

I Am Alive Trophies


Do a good deed, get a trophy!

I Am Alive Achievements


Survival isn’t enough.

I Am Alive Cheats


Keep the light burning.

I Am Alive Walkthrough


You are alive — keep it that way with our text walkthrough.

Ubisoft Doesn’t ‘Get’ PC Gaming, So Don’t ‘Get’ Ubisoft’s PC Games

You don’t get mad at a dog for having fur.

Xbox Live House Party Games Dated And Priced (Alan Wake on February 22)

alan wake's american nightmare

Hooray Alan Wake!

What To Do When You Run Into People In I AM ALIVE (VIDEO)


This is a great video.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, I Am Alive Get a Launch Window

alan wake's american nightmare

They’re coming to the Xbox Live House Party!

I Am Alive Creative Director Straight-Up Disses PC Gamers… Or Did He?


Your mom thinks this is kind of weird.

I Am Alive Re-announced, Coming This Winter

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And it looks awesome.

I Am Alive Still Exists, Is Rated by ESRB

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Always good to hear from I Am Alive.

I Am Alive May Be Edging Closer to Release, Receives Classification in Australia

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Oh, please let this be a sign.

I Am Alive at a Glance