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In Memoriam

An investigation experience to track a serial killer.
Reality and fiction are blurred in this movie style thriller game.

Enter the game of The Phoenix using e-mail, the internet and movie footage to solve his puzzles in a dark and thrilling environment.

In Memoriam is played using a CD-Rom but to make progress in the adventure, the player also connects to the Internet to find information that’s essential to accomplish some of the missions. At certain key moments, he receives snippets of film that the serial killer stole from the journalist. Use those extracts to reconstruct the events that led Jack and Karen into the clutches of the serial killer and save them from death.

Many of the story details are based on true facts, reality and fiction are being superimposed on one another: real and fake Internet sites, virtual characters who send you e-mail messages, … Follow the steps of a real serial killer.

In Memoriam at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Mac, PC
  • Genre: PUZZLE
  • Developer: Lexis Numerique
  • Publisher: Ubisoft