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Island Realms

This business sim sends players on a lighthearted journey to settle 40 magical islands, building bridges, laying down roads and protecting themselves against thieves.

The player’s goal in Island Realms is to help a group of happy-go-lucky colonists create a new home. While progressing through the game, the player will collect resources such as iron, stone and wood, purchase new technologies and develop a self-sustaining economy. Hostile natives will attempt to sabotage the colonists by stealing supplies, destroying roads and lobbing large stones at their buildings using catapults.

In order to stop these attacks, the player can either fortify his settlement or earn enough money to purchase his own catapults and then destroy the enemy’s stronghold. Island Realms offers several options for dealing with conflict: the user can defend himself, strike opponents first or distract enemy soldiers with the help of idols.

Game features:
Five resources
10 trophies
40 islands
Bright, colorful visuals
Unique dynamic gameplay

Island Realms at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: Alawar Entertainment
  • Publisher: Alawar Entertainment