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LOTRO Announces New Class In Next Update


Arriving in a future update, LOTRO will introduce a new class called the Beorning. Aaron Campbell, executive producer of Lord…

Videos Explain the Making of Skyrim Mod ‘Skywind’

skywind thumb

Get some behind-the-scenes information on the work being done on Skywind.

DAoC and Ultima Online Available On Steam Greenlight


Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online are looking to gain more players through Steam Greenlight. How many folks out…

Duping Bug Appears in Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Banks Closed (UPDATED)


UPDATE: A Bethesda spokesperson has sent us the following statement: Yesterday, the team identified an item duping bug in ESO…

PS4 Claims Top Sales Spot for Third Month in a Row


The PS4 has been the bestselling console for three months in a row. The console’s persistent domination of the console…

Terraria Console Editions Receive Huge New Update


The console versions of Terraria have been updated with new weather effects, items and more. The update, which was announced… Drops Opposition to The Banner Saga, Candyswipe

featureking stops its pursuit of trademark infringement against Banner Saga and Candyswipe. You may remember back in January when the…

Alien: Isolation ‘Lo-fi Sci-fi’ Developer Diary Released


Alien: Isolation takes the Alien franchise and goes back to the original movie. When people hear a new Alien game…

Uprising44: The Silent Shadows On Steam This Friday


Greenlit by the Steam Community, Uprising44: The Silent Shadows will be on sale on April 18th. Combining third-person view action…

PlayStation 4 Update 1.70 to Add SHAREfactory, Remove HDCP


Sony has announced that the upcoming 1.70 update for PlayStation 4 will add two major features: SHAREfactory, and the ability…

Square Enix Believes the Game Industry Needs DRM


DRM will remain a fixture in the game industry for a long time to come. That, at least, is the…

PS4 Worldwide Sales Break 7 Million Units


Sony has sold more than 7 million PS4s to consumers around the world. The new sales figures were revealed by…

Dark Souls 2: Mitch Takes On New Game Plus LIVE Part 3


The journey continues in part 3 of Mitch’s run through the highly difficult “New Game Plus“. Beginning at 4pm PST,…

Germany’s “Nazi Thing” Keeps Them Out Of Wolfenstein: The New Order


Pete Hines of Bethesda says Germany has “a thing about Nazis,” so their version of Wolfenstein: The New Order will…

World of Tanks New Frontiers Update Launches

World of Tanks New Frontiers

World of Tanks New Frontiers update is now available for download. The new v9.0 patch released today alongside an accompanying…

Minecraft PS3 Retail Edition Arrives May 16th


Following its success in the Playstation Store, a retail version of Minecraft is expected next month. With around 35 million…

CCP Says It’s ‘Reviewing the Status’ of the World of Darkness IP


In the wake of the cancellation of the World of Darkness MMO, CCP has said that they are now “reviewing…

The Final Borderlands 2 DLC is Out Today

borderlands 2 headhunter 5 thumb

It seems we’re done with new Borderlands 2 content since we’re on to a new Borderlands game.

Civilization: Beyond Earth Will Include Quests

Beyond Earth 2

Civilization: Beyond Earth will include a quest system and a new orbital layer for satellites. These features and more were…

Elder Scrolls Online Fan Marketplace Earns Zenimax Online Endorsement


Zenimax Online has offered its endorsement to a fan-made Elder Scrolls Online marketplace. The marketplace in question was created at…

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