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KSP is a game where the player creates and manages his own space program. Build spacecraft, fly them, and try to help the Kerbals to fulfill their ultimate mission of conquering space.

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DenGamleSkurk found a use for foldable wings! #KSP

6hours ago

There's an eclipse at the KSC too! Here’s a link with all the information on today's #eclipse2017. Don't miss it…

9hours ago

Sending a near-space balloon up for the #eclipse. This was painted on the payload! #KSP By 1Matthias…

10hours ago

After 500 hours in #KSP, this is the second time Alphacsgotrading lands on another body!

Aug 20 2017

After trying all day, JohnnyHotshot landed on the Mun! Congrats! #KSP

Aug 19 2017

#KSPWeekly: The Eclipse This week we talk about eclipses, 1.3.1, KSP on consoles, #MakingHistoryExpansion and more!…

Aug 18 2017

Sometimes you just get an itch for some military theme building! By Trollsama #KSP

Aug 18 2017

Maybe TheNosferatu should upgrade the Astronaut Complex, it's getting crowded! #KSP

Aug 18 2017

40k Rhino Mk1 for the emperor.....and for science!

Aug 17 2017

Estron002´s new Duna lander, based on the one from The Martian! #KSP

Aug 17 2017

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  • Kriegtooth Kriegtooth

    Why in the world are there no mods for it on here?

  • #9Guest Guest

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  • Corax. Corax.

    In no particular order,
    +1 Sandbox: nobody decides what you do next but you
    +1 Educational: you learn maths, physics, and other complex themes intuitively without even realizing it
    +1 Encompassing: Kerbals have no concept of nations, religions, or war
    +1 Pacifist: the devs have stated repeatedly that weapons are a no-go
    +1 Well-modded: from small helpful one-liner mods to massive, gameplay-changing conversions
    +1 Community: one of the most helpful communities out there
    +1 Intuitive: parts snap together like LEGO
    +1 Simple: Build a three-part rockets and let fly
    +1 Challenging: See if you can reach another planet with your three-part rocket ;)
    And not least,
    +1: Fun!

    = 10 out of 10.

    2 +
  • #7Guest Guest

    I only have the demo but the full version looks cool

    To Jack septiceye

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    • Phoenix1747 Phoenix1747

      I'd really recommend to pay the 20 bucks for the full version. It's such a good game + if you're starting to get bored there are 1000000000s of easy-to-install mods!
      I really love it.

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  • gabriel878787 gabriel878787

    how to download?

  • Comr4de Comr4de

    You better bet that I'd vote for one of my favorite games!

  • #4Guest Guest

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  • Cirmisekiz Cirmisekiz

    Yay :)