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Killzone 3

Killzone 3 gets due date: Feb. 2011

killzone 3

Sony announces Killzone 3′s release date on Playstation Blog, and PAX attendees try new Killzone multiplayer.

Killzone 3 GamesCom Multiplayer Trailer Is Kinda Violent


“Kinda” = “very”

Killzone 3 Beta Site Now Live


Sony launches a new site that looks to offer sign ups or information about the Killzone 3 beta, or at least looks like it will soon.

Killzone 3 Looks Pretty Standard – Except for 3D


Sony’s Killzone 3 display at Comic Con 2010 included goofy glasses and a display that looked like it had had…

No Four-Player Co-op in Killzone 3


There have been a number of rumors floating around in regard to Killzone 3. Some are true, and some are…

Killzone Trois Box Art


Stay frosty, indeed, Killzone 3. I hope that pun gets used in the game. Really, though, that looks pretty cold….

Killzone 3 Assaults PS3 February 2011


Sony kicked off its press conference this year with a big title – the latest game in its Killzone franchise….

First Killzone 3 Teaser is Cool, Stylish, Weird


Out of nowhere, Killzone 3 was announced two weeks ago, and now we have our first teaser trailer. Not a…

Killzone 3 Officially Announced in a Print Magazine. Yes, Really.


Well I feel pretty dumb now. ¬†Earlier today I was all like, “Is this a Killzone 3 screenshot?” And now,…

Is This a Killzone 3 Screenshot?


If that image, which was posted on the boards at the Finnish games site KonsoliFin today, isn’t Killzone 3 promo…

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Killzone 3 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Playstation 3
  • Developer: Guerrilla
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • ESRB Ratings: Mature
  • Release Date: February 22, 2011