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King Arthur: Pendragon Chronicles

The 3D action RTS have some additional RPG elements, and the player`s quest is to unify the British regions which were separated.
The players have to struggle against the Saxons, Picts and some barbarian tribes devastating the British land and some mythical creatures (giants, elementals etc.) with the leadership of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and with the help of their troops.
The game with a hero-centered approach to King Arthur and his knights guides us through the British regions of the time in an epic storytelling, and fulfilling all the tasks and getting hold of the 13 artifacts of Britannia you become the King of Britain, the King of kings (Highking – King of Kings).

The game is divided into two organic parts; in the very detailed outdoor fields we have to fulfill several tasks like winning the barbarian tribes and mythical creatures through several battles or drawing them on your side, while in the second half of the game we have to trace the thirteen artifacts in mystical places, forgotten caves and underground catacombs.

During their adventures Arthur and his knights with the help of some powerful magical objects or the actively operating Stonehenge dimension gates get to the Otherworld as well, where they have to struggle with the servants of powerful gods and various creatures of Celtic mythology.

King Arthur: Pendragon Chronicles at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: STRATEGY
  • Developer: Spore Games
  • Publisher: Unknown/To be Announced/None