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Lagsters” is the fascinating weapon-supported arcade racing in tunnels! In the game, you will get into the world of futuristic and a little bit crazy struggle for survival and, of course, for money.

The concept of the race inside the tunnels is quite different to what you used to see on usual “flat-road”. Due to specific gravitation, based on “pushing” the objects out of the centre of tube, you can get much more space for driving and fighting. It occurs so, that you can overtake any of your rivals not only from the left or from the right side. Do it easily just right under him, driving on the ceiling!

In “Lagsters”, you get into unusual world harmonically interlacing with hi-tech, post-nuclear plants, mines and biotech tunnels. Each of these environments is very interesting and peculiar not only from side of graphics, but also from tactical side.

Tracks presented in these styles are combined into 4 different Championships consisting of 8 tracks in each one. Thus, you get 32 unique maps. In network game, one can choose from several game modes, which makes it quite different game with quite different rules and gameplay. The multi-player mode does not allow upgrading the vehicle, which will have a predetermined set depending on the type of the game. Among these the following ones:
•Last Man Driving
•Fox and Hounds
•Divided Glory

However, the race itself is not the basic principle of the game. The weapon play a significant role in it – it can help either to hang up those who run you down, or conversely, get the slipping away favorite of the race. Each track (in single-player mode) offers several opportunities, and you do not have just win the race – tasks on track are very variable. Besides, the track order is non-linear: you participate in the race that you have enough credits to pay for.

Vehicles in “Lagsters” are not just usual cars; they are special part of the game. To get more information about vehicles, their looks and characteristics visit the “Garage” section. There you can also know everything about being in the game between these stunning races!

Lagsters at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Boolat Games
  • Publisher: New Disk (Noviy Disk)