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Legend of Grimrock is a fantasy game loaded with underground adventuring, tricky puzzles, combat and role-playing elements. In other words, it’s a dungeon crawl game.

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Check out, a new fantasy RPG by Ctrl Alt Ninja announced! Juho & Petri, co-creators of Grimrock involved!… T.co

Apr 10 2017

Legend of Grimrock for iOS is now on sale! This doesn't happen often so seize the opportunity! 😎… T.co

Mar 1 2017

RT @humblestore: Daily Deal - Legend of Grimrock II, 70% Off #HumbleDailyDeal Humblebundle.com

Aug 22 2016

Legend of Grimrock is a Pocket Gamer Awards 2016 finalist! Vote us here Pocketgamer.co.uk Categories: "iOS GOTY" and "Overall GOTY".

Feb 25 2016

Wohoo! Legend of Grimrock for iOS is the RPG of the year 2015 according to Gamesreviewer.net. Gamesreviewer.net

Feb 20 2016

RT @PocketTactics: Our RPG of the Year for 2015 is Legend of Grimrock from @AlmostHumanLtd. Pockettactics.com T.co

Dec 19 2015

BOTH Legend of Grimrock games are on sale for 80% off on @steam_games!!!! Store.steampowered.com Store.steampowered.com

Nov 27 2015

.@GOGcom's big fall sale is here! You can get both Grimrock games super cheap:75%/85% off! Gog.com T.co

Nov 4 2015

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  • lanm lanm

    Is it possible to get mods working in the non-Steam Mac version of the game?

  • kevinbeynon kevinbeynon

    Are you guys planning an Android release at all? I already own a copy for windows, but would love to see it in on my Android tablet.

  • msyblade msyblade

    Uploaded a 10 level dungeon mod for you guys called Hotel Hades. Check it out. New spells, new items, shops, and a walkthru included.

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  • Rikachu Rikachu

    I do believe this game has been released, so this page should be updated =)

    Small review: It's a fantastic game. It definitely delivers on "dungeon crawler" aspects such as inventory management, role playing elements, tricky puzzles, varying enemies and weapons with different statistics, and a lengthy 10 hour play through. Not to mention the large amount of secrets.

    Puzzles are very well done; although some are challenging, they are very satisfying to complete.

    One complaint is story; which shouldn't be much of a surprise. It's rather cliche and predictable. Obviously, the story should not impede your game play experience which I find polished and well-tuned.

    The point and click system, used to operate buttons, levers, inventory management, and basic combat all add to the immersion of the game. While some may dislike the concept of dragging everything you find into your inventory and the lengthy amount of times it takes to do necessary actions (such as eating or using a potion), I find that it adds some sense of danger or even realism to the experience.


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  • Oomphstein Oomphstein

    ******* spiders... still awesome game played it for like 4 hours now :D

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  • redowner redowner

    Played it for an hour now... it is awesome! :D

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  • d10sfan d10sfan

    Game is pre-orderable now.

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  • L0n3r L0n3r

    Always forgotten to check this on moddb, love the skeleton' shot on the official page!xD

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  • Unwanted Unwanted

    This game looks fantastic, and one I am going to buy what ever the cost.

  • Solid-Head Solid-Head

    Wow Awsome! Been a fan of that genre since i was young...Its so true that this genre has been abandon by today main industries....its so sad

    You probably know NetHack...kinda one of my favorite rogue game but god sake the graphic and gameplay were awful....you seem to have take care of that problem lol....Are your level have been generate via procedural algorithm? Or it is mainly a story with prerender dungeon and character?

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