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Lens is a first person exploration/puzzle game currently for Windows, with Mac OS and Linux builds coming in the near future. The game takes place on a mysterious island, where two parallel worlds are separated by a thin veil of reality. As the player, you are able to pierce through this veil, and look into this parallel world. This power is enabled by The Lens, an ancient artifact with unknown origins. The Lens also enables players to manipulate objects in both worlds, pushing and pulling objects between the two worlds to help solve puzzles and learn more about this mysterious island.

Latest tweets from @lensgame

We've put up the new version of Lens we submitted to IGF! Lensthegame.com

Nov 4 2013

We're very excited and honored that Lens has been selected as a finalist for Best Student Project at the 2013 Unity Awards! #unite2013

Aug 7 2013

Lens has officially been submitted to #indiecade and the Unity Awards #unite2013! And to celebrate, we have a new build up on our site!

Jun 30 2013

We just put up our beta release for Mac and Windows on our site: Lensthegame.com

May 9 2013

One last Valentine: When I look through dimensions, I can only see you #VaLENStinesDay

Feb 15 2013

Won't you Lens me into your heart? #VaLENStinesDay

Feb 14 2013

Without you there would be a multi-dimensional rift in my heart #VaLENStineDay

Feb 14 2013

Lens me a Valentine -courtesy of UCSC's Jim Whitehead #VaLENStineDay #LensGame

Feb 14 2013

Your love sends me to another world #VaLENStineDay #LensGame

Feb 14 2013

Be sure to stay Focused on the one you love! #VaLENStineDay #LensGame

Feb 14 2013

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  • JingleFett JingleFett

    Hey I ran into you guys at IndieCade, great stuff!

  • #7Guest Guest

    Why do indie games like this almost never let you invert mouselook? Every single commercial FPS game has this option and some even come with "inverted" control as the norm (push forward to look down).

    Since I'm used to flight simulators, this has always seemed natural to me, and games where you push the mouse forward to look up are incredibly awkward to me. So much so that they render games virtually unplayable.

    If a game has an invert option, I just just use that. Unfortunately when a game lacks an invert option, like this one, there's no easy to way to change it. I spend the entire game either looking up at the sky or down at the ground because the controls are backward. Which is a shame as this game looks nice and I'd like to be able to play it.

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    • teheria teheria Creator

      Hi, thanks for the comment and feedback. I went ahead and put in an option to invert the mouse this morning. So it will be in the next release which will be at the end of this month when we submit to the Student Showcase for IGF.

  • Piemanlives Piemanlives

    The game looks good, I'll have to find sometime to play it. On another note just look at the company name and the name of the game for just a second :D

  • SgtSnuggleButt SgtSnuggleButt

    seems awesome! I'll be recording this tomorrow morning and uploading it later on Youtube.com

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    • teheria teheria Creator

      Thank you! Most of the team watched your video yesterday after our graduation, it made our weekend complete!

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