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His childish innocence wasn’t meant to last long, oh no: When little Lucius was born on the meaningful date of June 6th, 1966, nobody expected him to be anything other than a normal little boy. Everything changes when Lucius turns 6...

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RT @steam_games: Midweek Madness - Finland Anniversary Sale #MidweekMadness

Dec 6 2017

Lt. William Kimble. The superior officer of Mr. McGuffin. I will have to be careful with this guy. #indiedevhour...

Nov 15 2017

Louis Green. This cheerful fellow is the town Doctor. Under that seemingly innocent smile you can find all sorts...

Nov 1 2017

RT @Utomik: 😈 #HALLOWEEN SPOTLIGHT #1: Take control of Lucius, son of Lucifer, as he begins his blood filled tour of #horror.…

Oct 27 2017

Halloween! Everything is on sale everywhere!

Oct 26 2017

Nancy Morgan. I feel sorry for her sometimes. #indiedevhour #gamedev #indiegames #pcgames #characters #horror

Oct 25 2017

Oct 25 2017

Gary Freeman. This guy is creepy as hell. Lives right next door. #indiedevhour #gamedev #indiegames #pcgames #characters #horror

Oct 18 2017

The Williams boys. They have their own hiding fort somewhere around Winter Hill. #indiedevhour #gamedev...

Oct 11 2017

Are you a friend of old-school adventures? Try Lucius Demake! #retrogaming #retro #pixelart #mobilegames #halloween

Oct 10 2017

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  • Yldrania Yldrania

    I've just completed the game. I liked it, although I feel obligated to warn people who might consider buying it: The bugs are terrible. xD

    If anyone would like to see my playthrough, I've uploaded it to YouTube here!

  • gordon22 gordon22

    do not play it contains butt sex

    0 +
  • UnheimlichStudio UnheimlichStudio

    mon porte monaie va en tomber malade

  • AudioGhostX AudioGhostX

    Lol, for the small amount of extremely linear gameplay, this is so not worth $25 xD

  • DuckShmuck0954 DuckShmuck0954

    was that a tidy hot in the video trailer?

  • CatBoss™♥ CatBoss™♥

    This is talking about a little fart kid's story.

  • 23melonheads 23melonheads

    Cant u make it like free i dont like paying -.-

    -2 +
  • gamingisyou gamingisyou

    It's cheaper if you download it from amzon i look it up :3

  • shadowblade944 shadowblade944


    if you want the game get a job and buy it.

    And if you really want it i can make a cracked version of it.

    If this comment gets 100 thumbs up.

    Not joking.

    -10 +
    • postags postags

      Some unemployed 13 year old telling you to get a job and then saying he'll crack the game for you if everyone clicks the like button enough times.

      What a world.

      8 +