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Mario Pinball

Mario™ has been turned into a ball and drawn into another dimension, and now pinball will never be the same! Whether you’re ricocheting after stars, bouncing off Goombas and Monty Moles or battling big bosses, you’ll flip over this rolling adventure!

Get rolling! As you play through the varied worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom areas, you’ll have to bounce Mario through all sorts of challenges to move on! Collect Star Keys, defeat enemies, buy special items and rack up the points as you rebound through dangerous locales full of familiar enemies!

Enjoy the view! Unlike typical pinball games, which employ a scrolling screen, all the worlds of Mario Pinball are single-screen, 3-D isometric view. The graphics are wonderfully animated and call to mind Mario’s adventures in Super Mario Sunshine™.

Mario Pinball at a Glance