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Max Payne 3

Amazon Keeps Cheap Train Rolling With Black Friday Deals Week

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  Black Friday is coming! Along with the anticipated deaths of millions waiting in line for ridiculous deals at the…

Final Max Payne 3 DLC Releases Jan. 22


The Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack.

Game Front’s 2012 Arbitrary Awards


Here at Game Front, as at many outlets, we come up with our favorite games in a variety of categories…

‘Bleed’ is a Retro Run-and-Gun Shooter with Mind-Blowing Gameplay


Imagine the gunplay of Max Payne in a 2D, side-scrolling shooter.

Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC Pops Up Dec. 4


No amount of therapy can help him.

GameStop Cyber Monday Deals Unveiled


One last day for discounts.

Max Payne 3 Hostage Negotiation DLC Now Available


Introducing the Filhos De Ogum.

FYI: Max Payne 3 DLC Delayed


Duly noted.

PSA: Max Payne 3 Disorganized Crime DLC Out August 28


It’s also free.

Max Payne 3 Local Justice Pack Now Available for PC


Three new maps, a rifle, looting item, and new faction.

Free ‘Disorganized Crime’ DLC Coming For Max Payne

max payne

The rest of the DLC? Not so free.

Max Payne 3 Local Justice DLC Hits PC August 9


Make sure to shave your head and grow your beard.

What the Game Front Staff Bought on Steam Sale


Haha, we’re broke now.

Rockster Closes Vancouver, Expands Toronto Studio with Government Support


Ontario government lends its support.

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Cheater Pool Launched



‘A Day in the Life of Max Payne’ is Hilarious, Tragic (VIDEO)

max payne day in the life thumb

Watch this. You’ll enjoy it.

First Screens from Max Payne 3 Local Justice Pack


Because the best kind of justice is… local.. justice… Hm. What?

Rockstar Creatively Punishing Max Payne 3 Cheaters

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By pitting them against other cheaters.

Pre-order Max Payne 3 on Steam, Get Multiplayer DLC

Includes classic Max Payne multiplayer skins, which are pretty cool.

Take-Two Financial Predictions All But Confirm GTA V In 2012


They’re just messing with us now.

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