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Max Payne 3

Dissecting the Max Payne 3 Technology & Design Trailer


No Payne no gain.

Listen to All the Cool Changes Going into Max Payne 3 (TRAILER)

max payne 3 thumb

This trailer explains why shooting guys in this game will be fun.

Houser: Max Payne 3′s Multiplayer “Will Have Elements of Story”


Well, that sounds weird.

10 Glorious New Max Payne 3 Screenshots

max payne 3 awesome

So we have some Max Payne 3 screenshots here that look pretty friggin intense, if I do say so myself….

Get Your First Look at Max Payne 3 At New York Comic Con


You want get to play it, but you’ll get to see gameplay.

Rockstar Claims Remedy Consulted on Max Payne 3

max payne 3 shaved head

Like that really matters.

Watch the Max Payne 3 Trailer Talk About Itself


Pop up video!

5 Thoughts on the Max Payne 3 Trailer


So I’ve been thinking a lot about the Max Payne 3 trailer over the last week or so. While it’s…

Watch the Max Payne 3 Trailer RIGHT NOW DAMN IT

max payne 3 shaved head

You don’t have to wait anymore!

First Max Payne 3 Trailer Coming Next Wednesday


omg this is real.

Max Payne 3 Coming in March


Yeah, we’ll see.

Rockstar May Be Showing Max Payne 3 Next Month


That game Rockstar is bring to First Look? It might not be GTA V after all.

OMG! Two New Max Payne 3 Images!



Max Payne 3 Screenshots


Check out Max Payne scowling at higher resolutions than ever!

Max Payne 3 is So Real That It’s On the Cover of Edge


Duke Nukem Forever was also on the covers of magazines.

Max Payne 3 Still Exists, and I Know That Because I Have New Screens (pics)


Just when we were starting to wonder…

Max Payne 3 Gets Bumped

Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 had been set for release sometime in Take-Two’s fourth quarter in fiscal year 2010, which ends…

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Max Payne 3 at a Glance