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Mechwarrior Online

Petition Asks Microsoft to Pull MechWarrior Rights from Piranha Games


After firing its guns for months, it appears the dedicated MechWarrior Online community has finally overheated. A new petition on…

$500 Gold Mechs For Sale in MechWarrior Online


MechWarrior Online has already come under fire from its diehard fanbase, in part for putting monetization before new content. Given…

Mechwarrior Online Review: Grinding Gears


Piranha Games’ ‘Mech-fest has potential, but also serious flaws.

A Cautionary Tale: The Rage of the Mechwarrior Online Community

mwo rage thumb

Mechwarrior Online has alienated its hardcore fanbase. Do they have a right to be angry, or is it all overblown?

Fans Contribute $100,000 to MechWarrior Online Charity


The charity honoring Sarah has garnered over $100,000 in contributions.

MechWarrior Online Honors 5-Year-Old Cancer Victim With Mech


All proceeds go to charity.

Mechwarrior Online Beta Impressions: The Slow March Forward


Mechwarrior Online captures the core experience of Battletech, but lacks good balance and long-term meaning.

Friday Flame Wars: F2P Founder’s Packs — Yay or Nay?


Would you buy one?

How F2P ‘Founder’s Packs’ Offer Great Deals at Great Risk


Founder’s packs give great deals, but you may end up with less than you think

MechWarrior Online Will See Addition of 24-Player Battles, Metanarrative


Players will soon be able to partake in a metanarrative in MechWarrior Online.

New MechWarrior Online Patch Adds Jagermech, New Map


Just like a jagermeister, it will cause massive damage.

New MechWarrior Online Patch Adds Testing Grounds


Also, cockpit decorations.

Mechwarrior Online Sponsors “Be A Hero” Challenge


Try for the title of best mechwarrior in Mechwarrior Online

Mechwarrior Online Brings the Trebuchet to Bear


The Trebuchet arrives to sling some missiles into the fight.

Mechwarrior Online Pretties Itself Up in Latest Patch


Now all I need is a tut for my bipedal death machine.

Mechwarrior Online Double XP Weekend, New Spider Mech


Take advantage!

8 Great Free-To-Play Games to Start Your F2P Journey


Or, as my friend said, “I 8nt paying a cent.”

Mechwarrior Online Brings a Very Merry ‘Mech-Mas


Mechwarrior Online has released its last patch of 2012, and it’s a large one.

Mechwarrior Online Open Beta Has Begun


Founders to have premium time reset.

Mechwarrior Online Made 5 Mil And Hasn’t Even Launched



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Mechwarrior Online at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Piranha Games
  • Publisher: Infinite Game Publishing Inc
  • ESRB Ratings: Rating Pending/NA
  • Release Date: TBA