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Memoria tells the story of the young and no less fierce princess Sadja from Fasar, a faraway kingdom. In a past time, during a dark age of Aventuria’s history, she set forth to fight in the great battle of the Gorian Desert. A battle against mighty demons, meant to make her one of the greatest heroes of all time… but she vanished, her fate lost in the sands of time.

Five centuries pass, until the young fowler Geron cuts a deal: To break a curse cast on his friend Nuri, who has been trapped in the body of a raven, he has to unravel Sadja’s enigmatic past. But his search sets events in motion that will cast a long shadow over his homeland and turn his present into a twisted image of a long lost time…

Memoria, the new adventure by Daedalic Entertainment once again takes the players to the fantastic world of The Dark Eye.

Kevin Mentz (writer of A New Beginning, co-writer of Chains of Satinav, Deponia) weaves the two stories of Sadja the princess and Geron the fowler into an epic of ancient magic, mysterious puzzles and unexpected twists.

Memoria is the sequel to Daedalic Entertainment’s fantasy adventure Chains of Satinav, featuring two playable characters from different epochs and a large variety of usable spells. The story is based on the events of Chains of Satinav but can be enjoyed without any knowledge of the previous installment. In addition, the game features HD background graphics, challenging puzzles and an atmospheric soundtrack.

Memoria at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ADVENTURE
  • Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
  • Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
  • ESRB Ratings: Rating Pending/NA
  • Release Date: TBA