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Man of Steel Trailer Recreated in Minecraft


An Ideal of Bricks.

Game Publishers vs Let’s Players: Who Deserves the Ad Revenue?


The ethical and legal complexities of LPs can be quite confusing. Who deserves the money?

PSY Meets Minecraft: Hilarious Parody Video by Stage 5


Minecraft griefing reaches new heights.

Top 10 Themed Minecraft Worlds: Middle-earth, Westeros & Beyond


What’s your favorite Minecraft world? These ten are ours.

Printcraft Lets You Print Your Minecraft Designs


You can now print your own Minecraft designs with Printcraft, provided you have a 3D printer.

Minecraft’s Diamond Sword Forged in Real Life


Shame it’ll only work on Creepers.

Five Game of Thrones Mods You Must Play


If you’re a fan, that is.

Minecraft Star Wars Machinima Recreates Asteroid Chase Scene


Download the accompanying adventure maps!

Chalk Artist Makes Minecraft’s Diamond Sword Look 3-D — in 2-D


Chris Carlson, best known for his work with chalk art, has taken on Minecraft’s iconic diamond sword as his latest…

We Found Five Good April Fool’s Gags. We Think.



Minecraft To Launch Private Subscription Servers


Minecraft is set to offer private servers directed towards families and kids.

The 10 Best Video Game-Themed Harlem Shake Videos


Thirty seconds of Internet goodness, each and every one.

Here’s What the Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Would Look Like as Minecraft

cybercraft thumb

This is pretty slick.

Minecraft Earned Notch $101M in 2012, Says It’s “Weird As F***”


Good guy Notch donates to charity.

Minecraft Show Ep. 259: Welcome to the Batcave

minecraft show 259 thumb

There’s a lot hidden beneath the city in The Minecraft Show’s server.

Surviving the Unknown is Its Own Kind of Horror

don't starve horrorscope thumb

The “horror” in survival-horror isn’t about blood and monsters, but about the “survival” part.

Notch Doesn’t Feel Mojang Deserves to Be Held Up Next to Valve


Rated #2 top studio by Edge.

Minecraft Modders Create A Central Lobby System For Servers


Back when the first Unreal was released, Epic Games—then known as Epic MegaGames, a product of the 90s ‘attitude’ generation—had…

Swedish School Makes Minecraft Part of the Curriculum


Minecraft sold 15M copies in 2012.

Someone Awesome Made Rapture With Minecraft

bioshock 2 thumb

It’s cool.

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Minecraft at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Mac, PC
  • Genre: ADVENTURE
  • Developer: Mojang Specifications
  • Publisher: Mojang Specifications
  • ESRB Ratings: Rating Pending/NA
  • Release Date: May 17, 2009