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Mu Online Season 2

In Global MU Online Season 2, players will enjoy new armor sets including the Ashcrow, Eclips, Iris, Valiant, and Glorious sets. New weapons and items in the game carry no level requirement, and therefore will be accessible to all players. New weapons include a new sword for the Blade Knight called Daybreak, a Platina Wing Staff for the Soul Master, a Shining Scepter for the Dark Lord, the Sword Dancer for the Magic Gladiator, and the Albatross Bow for the Muse Elf. New items in the game will include the rare Jewel of Harmony and a useful Complex Potion.

In addition, players will now have access to a new Windowed Mode and PvP shield. Players will now be able to run their game in a window, rather than full screen and can minimize their game and chat via an online messenger program or change tracks on their media players all while staying in the game. The new PvP shield, called the SD Shield, allows classes to engage in combat with one another based on level, rather than on stat point distribution or individual classesÂ’ strengths and weaknesses.

New monsters and maps are also an important addition to the expansion. New monsters in the game include Blade Hunter, Kentaurus, Gigantis, Genocider, Persona, Twin Tail, Dreadfear, Nightmare, Maya, Satyros, Iron Rider, Splinter Wolf, and Berserk. The new high-level maps include Kantur Remains Zone I, Kantur Remains II and Kantur Relic.

Mu Online Season 2 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: RPG
  • Developer: Webzen Inc
  • Publisher: K2 Network