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Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect Review: Collectibles — The Game

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Games work at creating fantasy worlds in which players can do things they otherwise can’t in the real world. Some…

Murdered: Soul Suspect Ghost Stories Guide


Uncover every ghost story and earn eight achievements with our collectibles guide.

Murdered: Soul Suspect – How to Complete Every Sidequest Guide


Put four wayward souls at peace with our complete sidequest guide.

GF Podcast 30 With Wildstar Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney


We hang out with Jeremy Gaffney to discuss the launch of Wildstar, then we cover all kinds of stuff, like E3, Steam’s Early Access, a bunch of new games and more.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Walkthrough


Go on a ghostly trip through Salem and solve your own murder with a few anonymous tips from the detectives at GameFront.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Cheats


Go soul searching with the extra guides on GameFront.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Gets Spooky in New Trailer


In the new trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect, developer Airtight Games brings the creepy. Up until now, we’ve seen how…

Case Your Own Crime Scene in Murdered: Soul Suspect


Watch the protagonist of Murdered case his own crime scene.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Preview: Ghost + L.A. Noire = Awesome?


We’re in a weird moment in gaming. It appears the console makers want to catch up to PC services when…

Square Enix Reveals Murdered: Soul Suspect (VID)


Get it? *Soul* Suspect?

Murdered: Soul Suspect at a Glance