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My DoItAll

My DoItAll is a toy chest jam-packed with mini-games and mini-tools. Stay close with friends by exchanging Friend Cards, play wicked tricks using the
Voice Changer and Sound Effects machine, become a wiz kid with all its amazing reference tools, and even create your own, unique miniature you!

Key Features

• Stay in touch with all your friends by sharing Friend Cards with your info, or even share your schedule!

• Featuring a cool Voice Changer that records with the DS microphone, and the Sound Effects machine packed with over 30 sounds!

• Create your own “mini-you” character with your personal look and style!

• Customize your game interface by applying different color and sound schemes

• Have fun playing wireless multiplayer games and custom polls that you can take with your friends!

• Use reference tools like the Calculator or World Map so you’ve always got the right answers!

My DoItAll at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Nintendo DS
  • Genre: PARTY
  • Developer: Tomy Corporation
  • Publisher: Tomy Corporation