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Natural Selection 2

Unknown Worlds Starts Subnautica While Modders Add to NS2

subnautica 2 thumb

As developer Unknown Worlds starts working on its new underwater sandbox, it’s partnering with modders to create incentives for new Natural Selection 2 content.

Natural Selection 2 Devs Unveil New Project, Subnautica


A cinematic RPG in a sandbox, with construction and a focus on exploration. That’s how Unknown Worlds, the indie studio…

The Latest Humble Bundle Is Chock Full Of PC Gaming All-Stars

Humble Bundle Vertical Logo 140x

The latest Humble Bundle is live, and it’s like the PC Gaming Master Race commissioned an A-Team for all to…

5 Half-Life Mods To Ring In The 15th Anniversary


You better have played them all.

Steam Halloween Sale Confirmed, Runs Through Nov 1


Up to 80% off over 150 titles!

Help Fund the Natural Selection 2 World Championship


Natural Selection 2 never would have happened without the support of its passionate community. The same can be said of…

10 Fantastic Indie FPS Games


First-person shooters aren’t solely the realm of the big companies. The little guys make some pretty great games too.

Natural Selection 2 Dev Hit By Credit Card Fraud


The developers were hit with credit card fraud that saw them lose $30,000.

Natural Selection 2 Gets Gorgeous, Goes On Sale


Slimy alien goop never looked this lovely.

Natural Selection 2 Devs Won’t Milk Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Failure


Unknown Worlds is a class act.

10 Game Soundtracks From 2012 Worth Checking Out

journey soundtrack thumb

We’ve run down our favorite game soundtracks from this year.

Today’s Steam Deals: Walking Dead, Hotline Miami, More

walking dead ep 4 1 thumb

Three of our favorite games of the year at huge discounts. Snag ‘em.

Indie Game of the Year 2012


From a new twist on 2D platformers to an innovative FPS-RTS hybrid, these are the best indie titles of the year.

Games You Should Have Played in 2012, But Probably Didn’t

natural selection 2 12 thumb

Some great games got overshadowed this year. Time to turn the lights on.

5 Moustache Mods to Get You Through Movember


Can’t grow a mo’? Mod a mo’.

Metacritic Refuses To Pull Review GameSpot Took Down


Natural Selection 2 60/100 score to remain there forever.

Natural Selection 2 Review: Beautiful, Startling Complexity

natural selection 2 12 thumb

Natural Selection 2 promises a lot, and delivers on everything, bringing a marvelously deep multiplayer experience.

Natural Selection 2 Releases in 4 Hours


You don’t have to wait until Halloween.

Natural Selection 2 Launches On Halloween

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And might leave a laming bag of poo on your porch.

Grab Natural Selection 2 on Steam, Get the Deluxe Edition Free

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The multiplayer FPS is officially due out in October.

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Natural Selection 2 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
  • Publisher: Unknown Worlds Entertainment