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Navy Seals 2

A new war is being waged under cover of night, and there’s only one team with the cunning, speed, and lethal skills to eliminate the enemy threat. The SEALs have been called to action. Prepare for war. And remember: The only easy day… was yesterday.

As a Navy SEAL, you’ll push your stamina and strength beyond your physical and mental limits, ready to lay down your life in service of your country. Be prepared (or be the victim), as you navigate the rough terrain of Iraq, North Korea, and Bosnia, assessing and executing your objectives in three combative missions through 10 massive levels.
In Iraq, track down a shipment of VX gas headed across the border.
In North Korea, disable a nuclear reactor, find any nuclear materials.
In Pakistan, eliminate al Qaeda infiltrators atempting to upset the balance of power in the world.
You’ll have the weapons and tools of the elite: the SOCOM pistol, MP5SD, M4, M203 grenade launcher, AK47, knife, night vision goggles, and GPS trackers.
Then it’s up to you to make them count. Hooyah!

Navy Seals 2 at a Glance