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Neverwinter Nights (NWN) is a computer game set in a huge medieval fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons. This role-playing game (RPG) puts you at the center of an epic tale of faith, war, and betrayal.

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  • Farlowei Farlowei

    I see this page was used by Also_Known_As_Peter (Wagner) and that he's been trolling here. I actually remember this guy from college. We went to the same college together a couple of years back, the Holy Américo College (Colegio San Américo) of course despite being a religious college, Wagner was not affiliated with religion as another noted here but his mildly annoying non-religious views weren't problematic, it was his attitude and temper tantrums that were so it's no shock that he's remained this way.

    I've actually followed him closely on this site, his mods were quite amusing actually. Now from someone whose only achievement at college was excelling at writing, his mods were pretty badly developed but he was always inept when it came to creativity.

    His trolling is pathetic, I suggest you all try your best to ignore it.

  • Balgeron Balgeron

    What happen to Equilibrium of the Night (Celeritas Eos) mod?

    • #1Guest Guest

      No clue but like most of us expected, It wasn't completed. One of the mod authors was banned a few days before the page went done. It seemed like a sweet project, Won't see the light of day likely.

      • pitchwhite pitchwhite

        Does anyone know why he was banned?

      • Balgeron Balgeron

        You got to be kidding me. Why????


        To be honest we don't really know what happened to the demo or why the mod page was taken down. There were some creative differences between the mod team, but the CE page vanishing took us all by surprise and we've gotten no real answer from either MODDB staff or the mod's project lead as to why it was removed.
        We had planned to put the project on hiatus anyway but still wanted the currently-existing versions to remain available. If there's still demand, we can see about making a new page and re-uploading our existing work.

      • pitchwhite pitchwhite

        I for one would like to see a new link for downloading the demo, as I never got a chance to try it. I had the mod bookmarked a long time ago only to see it had disappeared when checking up on it.


        I'll see what I can do. We had two demos, one that was official and another that was basically a leaked version of the mod. People seemed to like the latter because it was so much bigger, but members of the team had serious reservations about some content in that version.

        I should at least be able to re-upload the "Avue" demo with some tweaks. This would most likely go up on sites more dedicated to NWN until we figure out why the CE page vanished on MODDB.

  • HinduMan HinduMan

    I played this a long time ago, it's a great RPG. It's too bad there aren't many mods that are developed for it today.

  • TheJP3372 TheJP3372

    This is the game that fits the "RPG" Genre the best! Good times...

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