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NoLimits Fairground

NoLimits Fairground brings the fun and excitement of nine picture perfect simulations of real Park Attractions! An interactive screensaver so powerful you may start taking lunch breaks at your PC!

The screensaver allows you to watch nine of the world’s most famous fair rides. An included simulation program allows you to control and ride the rides like you were really there!
You can change lighting, speed, and other settings for each ride. In simulation mode, walk through, ride, and tour your fairground in full operation. You may even import music to play to further set the theme and mood! With realistic Day and Night cycles in your park, No Limits Fairgrounds will bring the excitement of a fair without any of that “Getting sick to your stomach” feeling! You may not have to ever pay admission or ride fees again! The only things we can’t simulate are the wind and the funnel cake, those you’ll have to provide yourself!

NoLimits Fairground at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: Mad Data
  • Publisher: Mad Data