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NVIDIA nTune Performance Application

The NVIDIA® nTune™ version 5.0 is the easiest, fastest, and safest performance optimization and monitoring application available for your PC. Incorporating more features than any other system tuning or monitoring product, NVIDIA nTune* is the only performance tuning application designed exclusively for your NVIDIA nForce-based PC. With NVIDIA nTune your system can automatically adjust to maximum performance settings for intense gaming. This intelligent application offers the safest way to change bus speeds, memory timings, and even tweak voltages. Changes are made easily within a simple-to-use Windows interface–so you no longer need to make changes to the BIOS or reboot your system.


New and improved task-driver user interface.

Adjust motherboard settings: Change system clocks, system voltages, system fans and memory timings.

Adjust GPU settings: Change GPU clocks and fans.

Dynamic BIOS access: Change system BIOS settings without entering the BIOS!†

Automated system tuning: Optimize system performance with the click of a button.

Custom rules: Provides the ability to customize the circumstances under which different system settings get applied.

Pre-built profiles/rules: Provide a quick path to getting the best performance when needed.

Event logging: Allows the tracking of bus speeds, temperatures, voltages, and profile changes in a log file that may be imported to a spreadsheet application for indepth analysis.

Fall-back control: Provides the ability to identify the precise profile/rule associated with a crash (profile/rule will be disabled after crash).

Improved dynamic overclocking: Provides on-the-fly overclocking and BIOS configuration within an easy-to-use Windows interface that is streamlined and simplified for better user understanding.

System troubleshooting: An automated reporting tool captures all needed information to help you determine when problems may be happening to the system, and helps you troubleshoot.

Improved system monitoring: Temperatures, voltages, and bus speeds are now available as an “always-on-top” window with a transparency option so that it is visible at all times.

Voltage and bus speed monitoring: Track actual motherboard voltages, GPU clocks, bus speeds, and CPU core speed to ensure safe and correct settings.

Temperature and fan speed monitoring: Real-time monitoring of CPU, GPU and system temperatures helps prevent hardware damage. nTune supports dual-CPU and SLI multi-GPU systems.†

Dynamically adjustable voltages and fan speeds: Adjust motherboard voltage levels without a reboot, as well as dynamically control fan speeds. New option for temperature-based fan control.†

Dynamically adjustable memory timings: Change critical memory timings without rebooting and without entering the BIOS.
* feature may not be available with all NVIDIA nForce models.
† requires BIOS support and may not be available on all motherboard designs.

NVIDIA nTune Performance Application at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: DRIVERS
  • Developer: nVidia
  • Publisher: nVidia