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Operation Gamma 41

Operation Gamma 41 takes the unique approach of providing players with the kinds of tools that they need to make their own stories and influence the outcome. The decision the majority of the players choose will decide what happens next and ultimately affect the game world for everyone. Players will encounter many places in the games with different story arcs and different endings making the possibilities endless!

“The Dynamic storyline feature in Operation Gamma 41 brings Mass Effect-like storylines which offers players the chance to have an incredible level of impact and influence on the story,” said Simon Seefeldt, Senior Director Online at Just A Game. “This really hasn’t been done to this extent in any online game so far, and we think its something players are really going to respond to.”

When the players enter Operation Gamma 41, they will find a World War II setting with a twist in the history. The intro will tell the players that there was a last peace conference held by the League of Nations in Geneva in 1941. All the worlds’ big leaders attended – and were killed in a mysterious attack on the city, with the planned radio transmission of the conference live on air. There was a whisper about “Gamma” coming.

Leaderless, the two factions the player can choose (Axis and Allies) still follow their own goals, but with the chaos around them it is hard to tell who is enemy and who is friend. The players will soon learn that something is amiss, and a third, unknown faction is moving into the chaos.

The story missions will focus on the player and the city he has taken command of. The player will encounter NPCs both friendly and hostile, and after some missions will have to make a decision. This is called a “Story Event”, a large scale voting where every player has one vote as to which of the given choices he prefers. After the vote, he can see the current server result. Voting will close after a set period of time that allows enough players to catch up to that point in the

The story will then move in the direction the server majority decided on, and have a small one-time effect on the player’s status that reflects the decision made on the server, for example he might lose some resources but gain an important item. The next missions according to the made choice become available to the players and lead to the next decision point. This means there will be quite different outcomes for the storyline on the different servers, as each server might
choose differently.

In addition to the small and more frequent Story Events (Voting), there will be several bigger World Events about every 4 to 6 weeks that will leave their mark on the server. For those events, players will have to reach a certain common goal in order to make something happen or prevent it from happening (donating enough resources, fighting enough high level troops on the server in total etc.). Once the event ends, the outcome will change the server permanently in one way or another.

Operation Gamma 41 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ADVENTURE
  • Developer: Just A Game
  • Publisher: Just A Game
  • ESRB Ratings: Rating Pending/NA