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A first-person horror game with a bizarre combination of role-playing, non-linear plot and real time flow from Russian cult developer Ice Pick Lodge (The Void). In the title, you have 12 days to save the town of Ancient Steppe from an unknown disease and to rescue yourself, in this haunting adventure game where disease is an ultimate enemy.

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  • lenlawliett lenlawliett

    wow, this looks good.. :)

    3 +
  • Namelessness Namelessness

    I have bought the Indiegala Flash Beat-The-Average bundle. Is it correct that I only have the DRM-free download and no Desura key ?

    2 +
  • Traze Traze

    The odd translation adds to the atmosphere GREATLY in my opinion,I mean most of the characters aren't exactly sane.The biggest mistake in the translation is in a letter telling you to visit the Polyhedron on the final day.
    That aside,this game has the best storyline I've ever seen.And it has awesome lines like "I have come for your soul midget!"

    5 +
  • stuntaneous stuntaneous

    A review.

    4 +
  • #2Guest Guest

    There is a Polish translation available at the official website.

    3 +
  • stinkytaco stinkytaco


    I bought this game in a bundle for my son.

    He recently told me he was gay.

    I blame this game. Damn you!

    -10 +
    • BubbyBobble BubbyBobble

      Might not have been the game that did it. Having a smelly piece of Mexican food as a father can do that to a person, y'know. Just saying.

    • luminaq luminaq

      lol this is obviously a joke and so many people fell for it

  • dskzero dskzero

    This game is so good, too bad it's so difficult to play through. Very recommended anyway. It's quite an experience.

    4 +
  • Dasaki Dasaki

    a few gameplay suggestions.

    a sprint feature, for getting away from combat easier. a lean around corners gameplay mechanic for making sure you aren't going to stumble into fights in the first place.

    Maybe some sort of fast travel, maybe to the corners of the town?

    The game feels trudgingly slow when you walk everywhere. The script and dialogue could use some English spruce up. I also find myself wondering what's going on, so a simple laymen's guide to the game? It's obvious this game was made with intellect in mind, so either way it won't matter to me, but for others who stumble onto this game, maybe make it simpler for them to understand?

    Again, just suggestions, I have no real inclination to continue playing, really, as I had gotten this in the Halloween Indie Royale bundle.

    -3 +
    • sexbad sexbad

      Having fast travel would absolutely ruin the survival element. The game is about traversing the town and avoiding danger. It's simple at first, but once things get infected, the game introduces a really dangerous challenge. I think a running feature would be viable if it made you tired more quickly.

      4 +