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Pirate King

Beautifully rendered in full 3D graphic, Pirate King Players are immersed in colorful rich detail of Planet Etuc, where the Pirate King storyline takes place. Taking advantage of the 3D graphic environment, Players have full control on how they want to view their game character. They are able to rotate, zoom-in and zoom-out on their game characters.

The tale of unending battles between powerful Navy force and resourceful Pirates is weaved into the game. Aggressive and competitive players have an option to joint Navy force or form their rag-tag band of Pirates. Casual players who prefer to have their own adventure will want to take the roles of Traders, Merchants and Fisherman. The non-linear and various different styles of game play, make Pirate King Online highly appealing to both casual and serious MMOG players.

Explorer, Hunter, Herbalist and SwordsMan are 4 classes of characters which populate Pirate King World. Players can choose and customize their own characters from these four classes. Players can then train their characters into different type of advance classes with special skills & weapon. Not only that, once their game characters reach level 15 and above, with their acquired in game gold, the players will be able to build their own ship and start exploring the ocean map. Even the ships are also highly customizable with dozens different components such as ship’s hulls, propulsion systems and array of weapons. Players have wide range of choices to customize their ships depending on their needs. They could build themselves fast attack ships, full armored battle ships, fishing ships, salvage ships, merchant & transport ships and many others

Pirate King at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: RPG
  • Developer: Moli
  • Publisher: Sing-Gium