Populous 3: The Beginning


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In the beginning, there was darkness. And in the darkness was the Mana, and in the Mana, The Visions. Populous The Beginning is a God/RTS game that puts you in command of a Shaman who can cast devastating spells to turn the battle field to her favor. However she is not the only one who has the Ability. There are three other tribes with similar "Shamans" so the only thing you can rely on is your quick wits and Strategic mind. Your follows will help you in the battle to help you become the new God of the Solar System. The campaign has about 22 levels in it. 22 levels of fun, action and major army's killing the heck out of each other! you will only be disappointed when you reach the end. One thing is that this isn't in stores anymore so there's no way of playing it now unless you buy it on Ebay or somthing.

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  • Paldemic Paldemic

    Awesome Game & Mods. I´m Just Testing all Mod´s!

  • pedro-poupado pedro-poupado

    best rts ever played, its old but gold. Has campaigns and more than 10 mods from easy to hard, and online community on www.popre.net
    try it out

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  • JohnnyBishop JohnnyBishop

    Hey guys,
    Really someone has to mod this game.
    I have just red a Wikipedia page about this game which is very unfavourable for this release, but this game is awesome!
    Same like Homeworld 2 someone should remaster it.
    I like these messy battles and economics where only wood piles are important.

  • frankteuben frankteuben

    check out www.popre.net if you want to play this game online with quite a large community for a game this old ;)
    We offer a wide variaty of maps, modifications, singleplayer campaigns and a multiplayer matchmaker to play online!

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  • CharlieOneThree CharlieOneThree

    we need a propa modden day revamp off this.

    • Templarfreak Templarfreak Creator

      Wildman Productions have been working on a Populous Game since like, 2006...I don't know if they're ever going to continue working on it, though because it's been at 46% for like 4 years or something...

      For anyone who's interesting in looking and not in Google-Searching, Poptc.wildman-productions.org

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  • GeneralKong GeneralKong

    i love this game, it was always fun to mess around and deform the landscape, one thing i always wanted tho was a way to play the other colours/tribes.

    Still, 10/10

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