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Portal: Reach Is The Greatest Idea We’ve Heard Since Mega-Metroid-Man


Note: Mega-Metroid-Man is something I just made up. But Portal: Reach is something you can watch right now!

Check Out This Amazing, Home-Made Portal Gun

portal kid thumbnail

A really cool kid made it for a robotics competition. It’s better than anything you’ve ever done.

The Memes of Portal: A Restrospective


Let’s put this stuff to bed, aight?

Top 10 Portal Mods


These mods are a triumph.

Portal Mod — Unity


The mod is a lie.

Sequel-Bridging Portal Comic Coming Tomorrow

portal2comic thumb

Hooray, it’s free.

Portal’s Still Alive, Slowly

still alive

Portal is now the subject of a new meme, rather than what spawns it.

Valve Wants to Give European Steam Users Some Free Portal

paysafeccard 2

It’s all advertising for Portal 2 at this point.

Free Portal Garners 1.5 Million Downloads

I know this won’t surprise anyone, but it turns out gamers like free stuff. In fact, they like free stuff…

Aperture Science Welcomes You to the Portal Project, Teases Portal 2

Yesterday we announced that Portal is free through May 24 to celebrate the launch of Steam on Mac. Today, Valve…

Steam for Mac Goes Live with 57 Titles

Steam for Mac is live and ready for download. And while there was briefly an error that locked out users…

Steam and Mac Getting Together on Wednesday

Steam for Mac is launching tomorrow, and it’s bringing Portal and the action-RPG Torchlight. And it comes with a perk….

The 1UP Show Plows Through D&D, Project Origin, Portal: The Flash Version, and of Course, MGS4

It’s Friday, and that of course means a new episode of The 1UP Show. This week, some conflict enters the…

Portal Flash Levels Are Now Real Portal Levels

Remember that Flash version of Portal that came out shortly after the actual game? Now it looks like the developer…

Portal Was Offered to Microsoft as an XBLA Title; May Happen in the Future

Valve’s marketing director, Doug Lombardi, recently revealed one interesting bit of information when he said that they approached Microsoft to…

Valve Issues Patch for PS3 Version of Orange Box

Sometimes things slips under the radar a bit in the world of gaming news. An example of such a situation…

A First-Hand Account From the Guy Who Tried to Steal the "Still Alive" Track for RockBand

You may remember that last week, at GDC, Harmonix pretty much announced that the song from Portal, “Still Alive,” was…

New Ren_Test Portal Map

Bethesda’s Daryl Brigner, designer of popular Portal map download Ren_Test2, has created another map. Ren_Test3 includes Ren_Test 1&2 as well…

Portal Getting More than Just “A Bunch of New Puzzles”

I don’t know many people that didn’t enjoy Portal; the only complaint I really heard was that it caused certain…

Presenting the Weighted Companion Cube PC Mod

I think we all knew this was coming sooner or later. Thanks to a pink heart and the fact that…

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Portal at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
  • Developer: Valve
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc
  • ESRB Ratings: Teen
  • Release Date: October 09, 2007