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Pow Pow’s Mini-Golf

Pow Pow’s Mini-Golf plays right from a web browser with no download and is absolutely free to play. Head over to the website and start putting like a pro with no waiting.

Maybe it started as a date, maybe it started as a bet. Either way Pow Pow and Mai Mei are going to solve their differences through a game of mini-golf. Take control of either Pow Pow or Mai Mei in their latest “adventure” at their local golf course. Control the power, angle, and accuracy of their shot. With 3D cameras, realistic physics, and the ability to visualize shots, Pow Pow’s Mini-Golf will provide an outlet for putting fantasies on rainy days.

To go a step further, each shot you take gives your putter experience. When the round ends the character adds their experience and gains levels. As they level up new golfing skill points become available. Place these skill points into power, accuracy, luck, or visualization to create the putt-putt champion of the world! When their skill is up to snuff, take them online against live opponents, all from the safety of a web browser.

Pow Pow’s Mini-Golf at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Mac, PC
  • Genre: SPORTS
  • Developer: Outside the Box Software
  • Publisher: Outside the Box Software