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Some new weapons textures ( chrome and black) for most weapons. Shotgun, Machine gun, and Nailgun have new sounds, MG sound is from an AR-15. Armor/health stats now have a MAX of 250 (as a marine) or 300(as a strogg). Max ammo capacity has been raised on all weapons. Player run and walk speed is faster. More POWERFULL weapons( it is called unbalanced). New particle effects for alot of things. Smoking bullet holes, new grenade explosion, 2 new rocket explosions(1 BIG one and 1 small one), a flame thrower, and more. Shotgun has one shot reload and is automatic. Nailgun is now a minigun that tosses the strogg around like ragdolls, and much more. I also tweaked the vehicles, truck gun is more powerfull, tram gun is more powerfull, Tank cannon is now an automatic, with powerfull machine guns. The mech now has an automatic missle launcher that fires 15( was 6), and more powerfull guns ( the way a mech should be !)The mechs speed has increased as well .

Quake 4 - Unbalanced 1.4

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