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Recruits is a squad based top down shooter. Inspired by games like Cannon Fodder, Alien Swarm and Jagged Alliance Recruits puts players on the front lines of the battlefield to accomplish your missions through any means necessary. Fast paced and packed with explosions, Recruits offers a wide variety of features that allow you, and your friends to take command of the action and lead your men to victory.

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Check out Interview with @IndieGameStand and Jason our Programmer! Very cool info about Recruits! #indiedev

Aug 22 2014 by commotiongame

RT @IndieDB: Recruits - Steam Early Access A squad based top down shooter. @recruitsgame #indiedev

Aug 9 2014 by commotiongame

Check out @Kirioth's play of Recruits We hope he plays more! Grab the game here #gamedev

Aug 6 2014 by commotiongame

RT @Kirioth: I had a blast on Recruits earlier. Was it any good though? You'll have to watch the vid tonight! @recruitsgame

Aug 6 2014 by commotiongame

Recruits 0.5.3 now on Steam! Lots of fixes and polish. Thanks for all the community feedback! #indiedev #madewithue3

Aug 5 2014 by commotiongame

Please follow @CommotionGame our new company twitter account for all future news and updates with Recruits!

May 19 2014 by recruitsgame

Don't forget to follow @CommotionGame for Recruits UDK Development news! #indiedev #gamedev #madewithue3 #unrealdev Please RT if you can :)

May 17 2014 by recruitsgame

Hey everyone! Please follow @CommotionGame our new company twitter account for all future news and updates with Recruits!

May 13 2014 by recruitsgame

RT @TheRedSolstice: Happy Easter! Just 90 more minutes to go on our #kickstarter and we have just hit 1500 backers! #gamedev #games

Apr 20 2014 by recruitsgame

Congratulations @TheRedSolstice for getting your goal! I can't wait to see you guys get all the success you deserve!

Apr 18 2014 by recruitsgame

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  • [FR]Mini-Mike [FR]Mini-Mike


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  • werk71 werk71

    Devs never tell community what they are doing, game stinks to play, Multiplayer wont work, and there are 5 test missions that are boring as hell, dont waste money here on this.... they ban you if you say "the game is dead"

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    • cheesemoo0 cheesemoo0

      You were given a temporary ban for inflammatory comments not for your opinion.

  • neronix17 neronix17

    The logo for this game is pretty much identical to Plex. Looks great though.

  • habitdasher#2 habitdasher#2

    hate to sound rude but I have a feeling these guys are out of funds and are relying on the steam release to keep them going. I've had this same version since I made purchase which has been a very long time... that 5 bucks could have gone to a gog sale or three.

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    • theflamingskunk theflamingskunk

      We've never had funds in the first place :)! We had a slow down because of various life events, although we are still hard at work (We still have our day jobs!). A majority of the code had to be revisited to support multiplayer, so that has eaten up a lot of the time. Once we go on steam everyone who purchased here will get a key so they can play the steam version online!

      • TKAzA TKAzA Staff

        When can we expect the next release? / Greenlight launch?

      • #9Guest Guest

        I'm not sure why people dislike my comment though, It's my honest opinion and how I genuinely feel at the time, and it's basically on the mark from what you just told me. It's as if people can't take ANY kind of criticism these days, believe me that was probably the lightest form of it. I probably won't revisit the game though if Steam and multiplayer are the main concern, and When I bought the game I was interested but the novelty has since worn off. I'll probably give the key to a friend and see if they can enjoy the game and what it has to offer. Nothing against you guys by all means.

    • dawiec dawiec

      Yip, I got the release way back and the updates have been minimal.
      Looks like it'll be a great game when its finally finished.

  • irogue irogue

    Quote - "After 328 days on Steam's Greenlight, we were successfully Greenlit a few days ago!"

    Wow i know valve / steam are lazy and slow but 328 days, lol that is astoundingly slow.

    Best of luck with the sales on steam hopefully you guys get the funding you deserve!