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Renegade X is a tactical First and Third Person Shooter with Real Time Strategy elements, set in the Command & Conquer universe. It is a high quality award-winning free indie game being created on the Unreal Development Kit

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April showers bring MORE RENEGADE!!! Because, you know, you'll be indoors more.

Apr 3 2017

The latest video in the epic series

Mar 18 2017

Like Kane, Renegade lives and will always return. Play the original, or download Renegade X for free at...

Feb 27 2017

Happy 15th birthday to C&C Renegade! Renegade X is a labour of love dedicated to a multiplayer game that was way...

Feb 26 2017

It's 2017 and there is hardly anything like C&C mode. Does any other game get close?...

Feb 25 2017

To folks who don't mine their base

Feb 12 2017

Stank rushes, tank rushes, arty rushes, infantry rushes, only RenX will give you dat rush tho...

Feb 9 2017

Some spectacular video editing right here!

Feb 3 2017

Don't get too close Nod, this Orca bites.

Feb 1 2017

Step 1: Download the game at Step 2: Just do it up!

Jan 31 2017

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    can the modder team please uoload the download to a torrent download i cant download 2GB using download maneger (thanks in advance)

  • Alucard_Sn1p3r87 Alucard_Sn1p3r87

    Will those Funny UT3 Taunts ever come back? Maybe not the Ragdoll fiegn death one. But man, those other Taunts were sooooooooooo funny xD

  • Jerkakame Jerkakame

    Is there a way to turn off the vignette?

  • nuclearsnake nuclearsnake

    hello can anyone help me with Renegade X?
    Here's the problem every time I open it and launch the main game it Keeps showing me a Black screen. when I try to CTRL+ALT+TAB or Open my Task Manager so i can get back to the Desktop. It locks the screen and it keeps showing me the swirling loading Icon for my Cursor, and it doesn't stop.
    can you guys help?? I'm using a Windows 10 it worked on Windows 8.

  • #1Guest Guest

    How many people active on this game? Will I be able to find full servers at peak hours?

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    • TheBlackshot TheBlackshot

      No, there are few people playing this. Not sure about different times, but you will unlikely find a single full 40 player server.

  • DefeAS DefeAS

    Hey.. I have problem, RenXHud problem..

  • TypicalRussianIvan TypicalRussianIvan

    I don't know who is the creator of the Tiberian Sun vehicles or If he belongs to Renegade X team, but I just have to ask If you happen to know If this person is going to recreate the others? Like Devils Tongue, Disruptor, Orca bombers, Banshees etc. Not asking for Subterranean APC because of the scripting process.

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  • Raibert Raibert

    Hallo! When i try to connect the server, see the next error - Connection Lost

    Package "RenxHud" version mismatch ( a lot of words and numbers )

    I have the Open Beta 5.16

  • nuclearsnake nuclearsnake

    Renegade Red alert 2
    sounds interesting.