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Rise of the Triad

All Out of Gum — Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction is Coming


It took 14 long, Vaporware Award-winning years for Duke Nukem Forever to arrive. It appears it won’t take nearly as…

Game Front Staff’s 2013 Game of the Year


2013 has been an odd year in the world of video games. As we’ve talked about on our podcast and…

COME GET SOME Rise Of The Triad Codes! [UPDATE]

Rise of the Triad Logo 140x

  UPDATE: All the codes are GONEZO! Thanks to those who participated. Happy ROTTing, and Merry Christmas!!! As many of…

Rise Of The Triad 1.3 Update: You Got Wang In My Monk Meal

ROTT Update Wang 140x

Version 1.3 of Rise of the Triad is now available (it should pushed automagically to your Steam account by now),…

Rise of the Triad Adds Dev Kit, Quick Saves


Rise of the Triad a bit too throwback for you? Change it. Rise of the Triad v1.2 is now ready…

Rise of the Triad Has Already Turned A Profit

Rise of the Triad Logo 140x

Interceptor Entertainment‘s first game has officially turned a profit. Rise of the Triad, the modern, Unreal Engine 3 take on…

Tim Willits on the Past, Present, and Future of id Software

Tim Willits 140x

John Carmack might grab most of the headlines, and he still steals our attention when we talk about id Software,…

Rise of the Triad Review: Prepare To Swear At Your PC

rise of the triad 4 thumb

Invoking the harder, faster FPS of the 1990s, Rise of the Triad does perfectly what it sets out to, but it’s not a game for everyone.

Rise of the Triad Dev Console Commands Guide


Here’s everything you need to know about the console commands in Rise of the Triad.

Rise of the Triad (2013) Cheats


Get a rise out of the triad with some cheats.

Rise of the Triad (2013) Walkthrough


Dog Mode and mystical baseball bats return in the remake to Rise of the Triad, and we’re going to show you have to succeed.

Rise of the Triad’s Map Editor Lets You Build Classic Levels


Party like it’s 1995.

Rise Of The Triad Multiplayer Hands-On: Old School, New Look


Interceptor Entertainment brings back the old school shooter.

Metal, Texas, Doom; Rise Of The Triad Musician Andrew Hulshult


We sat down with the guy tasked with reimagining the original classic soundtrack.

Here’s The Rise of the Triad Reveal Trailer


Trust me, this game is going to be hell of fun.

Rise of the Triad at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: Apogee Software
  • Publisher: Apogee Software
  • ESRB Ratings: Rating Pending/NA