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Rock Band

Top 5 Developers of 2007 – Gamasutra’s Picks

Gamasutra has presented its Top five picks of the year’s best developers and the games that really show their mettle….

Time’s Top 10 Videogames Gets it All Wrong

I don’t really expect Time Magazine to be an expert on videogames (or, as they would argue, “video games”), but…

File-N-Forget Podcast Episode 13: Yuletide Gaming

It’s time once again for the File-N-Forget Podcast. This week, Shawn and Ron discuss several of the games that have…

PlayStation Store 11-29: Bring on the PAIN

We’ve got a nice update this week folks, despite the absence of any demos. PAIN has been released, the downloadable…

Found on eBay: Rock Band Delivered to Your Door by a Model

What is with this week? There seems to be half-naked or fully naked models promoting games all over the place….

Mass Effect: Popular Mechanics’ Number One Game to Buy

Popular Mechanics has chosen Mass Effect as its number one pick for game gear to buy for the holidays. The…

Rock Stars and Video Games – They Just Don’t Mix

We are all familiar with Michael Jackson’s nightmare inducing Moonwalker video game from our childhood (Annie are you okay?). We…

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