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Sailors of the Sky

Get ready to experience the most realistic gliding simulation ever developed. You can drift around the sky in a Blanik L-13, Ka8 or Pirat for a nice leisurely afternoon glide. However, you can also strap on your parachute and tear up the thermals or ridges in a Discus 2, Ventus 2, ASW-27, ASW-28 or LS8. Want to fly something with even longer legs? Then takeoff in a Nimbus 3D or ASH-25. How you get airborne in the first place is also up to you because the program offers you the ability to practice both aerotowing or winch launching. However, if you want to be a bit lazy, you can also choose to just appear over your starting airfield at 3000 feet.

In addition, after you either get bored with flying by yourself or want to pit your new found gliding skills against others, Sailors of the Sky will allow you to take your gliding where no other gliding simulator has gone; onto the Internet. You can get a group of your gliding buddies together for a “LAN Party” or you can gather over the internet, and fly with/against each other in real-time. You can see each other while flying in formation, or you can fly as a team marking the thermals for those coming behind you. It’s your choice and ALL in the comfort of your own home. It’s all (and more) waiting and available for your enjoyment with Sailors of the Sky!

“Sailors of the Sky” was originally designed as a training program for sailplane lovers. So real reaction to handling and flight simulation were primary targets of this simulator. In addition, an important part of the development of this program has been the simulation of both thermal and ridge lift used by glider pilots as the only “engine” to keep their planes in the air allowing them to cover very long distances, attain great heights and stay aloft for extended amounts of time.

Sailors of the Sky was developed to be comparable in quality with other simulators in the market. To attain this a good virtual cockpit which is easily controlled with your mouse provides a natural means for “looking” around outside your cockpit in any direction. In addition, a high degree of realism is obtained using different external views, aircraft shadows, glass cockpit reflections for faraway gliders, clouds, and cloud shadows are built into the program.

Other Remarkable Features Include:

Flying: Your plane answers to your action. As with a normal glider, coordinated use of the rudder is very important. The program also allows Wing Slips to be used when approaching the runway and can be executed very realistically.
Views: A careful selection of textures will allow you to enjoy the blue and green colors of Austria, the greens and reds of Africa, or the browns and yellows of Southern Spain.
Playing: Whether you are learning to fly under the constraints of club rules or competing against your colleagues in a World Championship, your skillfulness as a pilot will be put to the test.
Learning: The simulation is formulated according to the laws of physics and flight. Thus, to do your best you should know your glider’s performance capabilities, it’s Polar, and how to obtain the best use of it.
Sound good? You bet it is! Don’t believe it? Then download a copy of the demo and start flying today and you’ll see what we mean.

Sailors of the Sky at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: Jesús Saiz Ayala
  • Publisher: Jesús Saiz Ayala