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Sanctum 2 is the sequel to the world’s first Tower Defense/FPS hybrid game! Pick from four unique character classes and take up the mission of protecting the Cores from hordes of mysterious aliens. In Sanctum 2 you play your character exactly the way you want through the new and extensive customization system. Pick your own loadout of towers, weapons and perks, and pick well, because you are humanity’s last defense against the hordes set out to destroy it. Sanctum 2 is not just a simple upgrade of the Steam hit that was Sanctum 1, it’s a new game completely rebuilt from the ground up using community feedback and outside-of-the-box indie game design to really push the bar of what an indie-studio can do.

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Aug 18 2017

got a bunch of these really disgusting rubber chickens for the office to improve productivity. its like sticky rubb…

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What's a good name for a female chicken? preferably old lady names

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To everyone who spoils Game of Thrones today, I hope you step on cold water with one foot (with sock on), and a lego block with the other

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RT @pewdiepie: VR really took off didnt it?

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To everyone who spoils Game of Thrones today, I hope once you’ll be using the bathroom at the same time as your door bell rings

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How viable is it to have an office duck? Asking for a f.. well okay fine, asking for DoubleMoose

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the you on workdays vs the you on weekends

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RT @TimSweeneyEpic: 1998: GPU add-in card for your PC 2017: External GPUs 2020: PC add-in cards for your GPU

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  • ssvoltage ssvoltage

    BS4 and Xbone?

  • #1Guest Guest

    I can't find sanctum 2 on ps3 on the store neither on a disc WHERE IS IT !?

    • Crystion Crystion

      This isn't one of games that comes through discs. It's a download distrobuted game. You will find it on the online store of what ever console you use. In your case however, it don't know why you can't find it on the PlayStationStore. It might be a problem on their part or yours.

      3 +
  • #3Guest Guest

    Hey guys, quick question: Does it support cross-platform multiplayer? Since my friend will buy the Steam version and I want to buy the PS3 version. Would it be possible for us to play together?

    Lots of love,

    2 +
  • d10sfan d10sfan

    any chance of a linux version?

    3 +
  • JackiChain JackiChain

    Is Sanctum2 not going to be on mac like the first one.
    Good game when for breaks in school :D

    2 +
  • BCamel BCamel

    Looks cool :)
    Very nice work.
    What engine are you guys using to do Sanctum2 ? UDK ?

    3 +